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Wrongful Death Claims Attorney Atlanta GA

Though taking serious legal actions might not be a priority for individuals who have lost their loved ones, it is always important that the survivors of a decedent hire the services of a wrongful death claims attorney immediately. Apart from emotional upheaval of having a family member pass away, most families also face significant financial burdens without the help of the deceased. Therefore, the compensation benefits offered by a wrongful death lawsuit might help in easing such financial problems.

Our wrongful death claims attorneys at Bobe & Snell have a great history of recovering compensation for our clients. They always work hard to ensure that they recover compensation that recognizes the value of the victim and assist the surviving loved ones in recovering from their losses.

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Causes Of A Wrongful Death

Indeed, wrongful death happens when recklessness, negligence, or deliberate actions lead to fatality. “Negligence“ refers to a situation where a person fails to behave in a manner that a reasonably prudent individual would have behaved in the same situation. In order to determine that a wrongful death has happened, a lawyer must always prove that someone had a responsibility of caring for the victim, and their omission or act breached the standard of care, or their wrongful behavior was the direct (proximate) cause of the death or even injury suffered by a victim.

Common Causes Of A Wrongful Death

• Workplace accidents

• Medical malpractice

• Truck accidents

• Birth injuries

• Car accidents and many others

Wrongful Death Damages

Judges will consider various factors when establishing the damages that will be awarded to the survivor(s) of the victim. Some of the things considered include the relationship of the survivor(s) and the deceased, the value of the replacement of the services of the deceased, the amount of  income of the deceased that is available for the survivors, and also the life expectancy of the parties.

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Wrongful Death Claims Attorney