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Workplace Injury Lawyer

Workplace Injury Lawyer: Suing Outside of Workers’ Compensation.

Workers’ compensation insurance is a common recourse for workplace injuries. However, it may not be the only recourse. Perhaps, you have been told that the only compensation you can receive will come from the workers’ compensation insurance of your employer if you have been injured in a workplace. While it’s the general rule, there are several exceptions — situations in which you may sue for damages that your injuries caused. An experienced and reputable workplace injury lawyer, Alpharetta at Bobe & Snell Law Office LLC can advise you accordingly to help you understand the available legal options for you.

We Can Advise You Accordingly

For example:

  • You might bring a product liability action against the product’s manufacturer if a defective product injured you.
  • You might bring a toxic tort lawsuit against the manufacturer of the substance if a toxic substance injured you.
  • You might bring a personal injury lawsuit against your employer if you were injured due to the intentional conduct of the employer.
  • You might collect money from a state fund or sue your employer in civil court if the employer doesn’t carry workers’ compensation insurance.
  • You might bring a personal injury lawsuit against a person if a third party caused your injury.

While workers’ compensation provides benefits and money to the injured workers, permanent disability and temporary disability payments are often very low and do not compensate the workers for things such as pain and suffering.

Hire an Alpharetta workplace injury lawyer

Furthermore, workers’ compensation doesn’t provide punitive, consequential, or exemplary damages to punish employers for dangerous conditions or poor safety controls. That is why it is essential for an injured worker to understand their rights and hire an Alpharetta workplace injury lawyer to bring a lawsuit outside of the workers’ compensation system.

In addition to the personal injury lawsuits described in this article, a workplace injury lawyer may help you to obtain additional financial compensation from Social Security disability insurance (SSDI or SSI) or other government benefits if you suffered a disabling injury that prevents you from working.

If a Defective Product Injured You

When a defective machine or piece of equipment is inherently dangerous or fails to work correctly and injures a worker, then the manufacturer of the equipment or machine can be held liable for the injury if he or she knew of the potential danger and/or did not warn the employees of the imminent danger adequately. In such a case, the manufacturer would’ve to compensate the injured worker for lost wages, medical bills, and pain and suffering.

If a Toxic Substance Injured You

Sometimes workers use toxic chemicals and other substances that can cause illnesses and severe injuries. These toxic substances include benzene, asbestos, radium, chromium compounds, and silica, but a substance that can harm you could be the subject of a personal injury lawsuit for a “toxic tort.”

There are two types of toxic injuries: acute injuries appear immediately, while latent injuries may take months or years to appear. Examples of acute injuries include poisonings and chemical burns. Examples of latent injuries include lung diseases and cancers.

Due to time delay, latent injuries are often more difficult to prove than the acute ones, but these cases aren’t impossible. Bobe & Snell Law Office LLC has been successful in many lawsuits brought years after workers’ exposure to toxic substances.

You can sue a manufacturer for toxic substance injuries

When a toxic substance injures a worker, he or she can sue the manufacturer of the substance and the manufacturers of safety equipment that was ineffective in the handling of the hazardous substance.

If a toxic substance has injured or sickened you, talk to our Alpharetta workplace injury lawyer at Bobe & Snell Law Office LLC about your legal rights. You’ll need the help of an experienced workplace injury attorney to help you sort out the complex issues involved, especially if a significant amount of time has passed between your toxic exposure and your illness or injury.

A lawyer could get you a satisfactory settlement for your toxic injury even if the exposure was recent.

If a Third Party Injures You

Sometimes when an employee is injured at a workplace, the fault lies not with a dangerous machine or substance or with the employer, but with a particular person. In such a situation, an employee might sue that person for damages.

Workplace Injury Lawyer

If you have been injured at a workplace, contact Bobe & Snell Law Office LLC to speak with a workplace injury lawyer, Alpharetta about your legal rights and the available legal options to pursue.

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Workplace Injury Lawyer

Workplace Injury Lawyer