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The Purpose Of Workers Compensation Laws GA

Do you wonder about the purpose of Workers Compensation Laws GA? There are two primary purposes for workers compensation. The first is to provide help to those who have been hurt at work or have gotten sick on the job, medical coverage.

Workers compensation provides medical coverage to those who have been hurt at their job or have gotten sick as a result of their work. For instance, if you develop a lung disease from working in a freezer day in and day out, workers compensation is supposed to pay for your medical care.

The other purpose of Workers Compensation Laws GA is to protect employers. Employees are not permitted to sue their employer for injury or sickness unless the employer tried to injure the employee or make the worker ill on purpose. If you are injured on the job, you are required to inform your employer immediately. Your supervisor needs to fill out the paperwork and submit his or her report to the insurance company.

The insurance company will assign you to a medical doctor. You have to visit this doctor for the first thirty days of your injury or sickness. If you still need medical care after this time, you are free to choose your doctor. Most people will complain that the insurance company doctor tries to compel the worker to return to work too soon.

The doctor, however, is compensated by the insurance company and is instructed to try to compel the worker back to the job as soon as possible. The doctor might even warn the patient again and again that it is unlawful to report a false claim. But do not be intimidated. If you are injured or if sick, wait until you are well before returning to work.

If you are injured on the job, worry about getting well and not about the pressure from people in the workers compensation system. If you want help with your case, you have the option of consulting with a workers compensation lawyer. The law says that the workers compensation lawyer must offer you a free initial consultation. The attorney will examine the facts of your case and suggest options is dealing with the claims system.

If you do hire him or her to represent you, your attorney can charge you up to fifteen percent of your award. This is a bargain compared to other legal claim awards. Personal injury lawyers will take up to forty percent of their client’s award. But Workers Compensation Laws GA  limits what attorneys can earn. The system is to protect workers, not to make lawyers rich.

Many workers involved in a claim do not go to a lawyer because they do not realize that the first meeting is free. They do not consider of hiring a lawyer because they believe they will have to part with a large part of their settlement. This is not the case. If you need assistance with your worker’s compensation claim, you need to contact a lawyer.

Some think this holds insurance business back. Some think that without this coverage, workers would be at the mercy of employers. No matter your stance, if you have been hurt at work, you should seek a lawyer to help you throughout the claims process.

Workers Compensation Laws GA