Workers Comp Settlement GA

Workers Comp Settlement

Workers Comp Settlement GA

Getting a Fair Amount From A Workers Comp Settlement GA.

Always research the law or hiring an experienced and reputable attorney Alpharetta at Bobe & Snell, LLC before signing a workers comp settlement GA agreement because it cannot be undone.

You may be eligible to receive permanent disability benefits from the workers’ comp insurer of your employer if a work-related illness or injury left you with a lasting impairment – a physical or mental problem that limits your ability to work.


You can accept what the insurance company wants to pay you, in which case you will receive weekly checks for a specific period. However, if you want a different payment set-up or disagree with the amount of money you are owed, you have two options to pursue:

  • negotiate the settlement with the insurance company, or
  • go to a trial or hearing and have a judge rule on the case.

There are both advantages and potential pitfalls to settling. You should understand the consequences before you agree to a workers comp settlement GA.

Types of Workers’ Comp Settlements

In many states, you can negotiate a workers’ comp settlement that’ll provide you with a lump sum of money instead of continuing weekly permanent disability payments.

The settlement may also include the money the insurer owes you for unreimbursed medical expenses and overdue temporary disability benefits, as well as the amount for future medical care.

You can negotiate an agreement

Moreover, you can negotiate an agreement for a structured settlement that’ll provide you with payments over a certain period. You do not have to give up all your future rights to medical care in these settlements (in fact, you cannot do that in some states).

Pros of Accepting a Workers Comp Settlement GA

There are many advantages to workers’ compensation settlements, including:

  • The judge could end up deciding that you will get less money than what the insurance company offered if you go to trial (called a workers’ comp hearing in some states). It does not happen often, but it is a risk.
  • Agreeing to a settlement can save you the hassle, anxiety, and time. The process can be difficult, and it can take a long time to get to a hearing.
  • You cannot receive a lump-sum payment after you win at trial in some states; you will be limited to receiving weekly payments for a specific period.
  • In a settlement, you may give up your right to future benefits that you might never use so that the insurance company can agree to pay you the money. For instance, you can ask the insurance company to pay you part of the cost of a hand surgery now if your doctor says there is a 15% chance you will need it in the future. You probably will not need the surgery; in that case, you will be ahead financially.

Cons of Accepting a Settlement

  • Agreeing to a workers comp settlement carries some potential hazards, including:
  • Some people will need or be tempted to spend the money right away after agreeing to a lump-sum permanent disability payment. Then they will be left with weekly payments to make up for lower wages due to the ongoing disability.
  • It could be risky to give up the right to payments for future medical treatment in return for a lump-sum if there is a high chance that you will need expensive medicines or surgery down the road. If it turns out that you need medical treatment, the amount you receive in the worker’s comp settlement GA may be long gone or not sufficient to cover your bills for deductibles and copays under regular health insurance.
  • The settlement could reduce other types of benefits in the future if you are not careful.

Workers Comp Settlement GA

Before agreeing to a workers comp settlement GA, consult an experienced and reputable workers comp attorney at Bobe & Snell, LLC first. Call us today at 470.268.5802 or fill out the contact form to schedule a free consultation.  

Workers Comp Settlement

Workers Comp Settlement GA