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If you were doing something for the benefit of your employer and became ill or were injured as a result, then it is work-related. Call us today at 470.268.5802 if you have been injured or became ill at work.

Judges will consider various factors when establishing the damages that will be awarded to the survivor(s) of the victim. Call us today at 470.268.5802  to talk to an experienced Atlanta wrongful death lawyer.

When it comes to workplace injuries, most people think about things such as back injuries, broken bones, torn ligaments, and concussions. While these injuries are serious and can result in workers’ compensation claims, there are others, such as repetitive motion injuries, which you may be overlooking. Let us help you get the compensation that you deserve.


As a matter of fact, fortunately rare, workplace deaths are still quite common and about 1 U.S worker die every two hours as a result of a work-related injury. Once compensability of a particular death claims is established, the next issue is to discover if the deceased worker has left any dependents behind.

In Georgia when a worker loses his/her life within the workplace premises, his/her dependents are often able to file what is known as the ‘death claim’. These death claims are provided for by the employer to the deceased dependents. Bobe & Snell help you file the death claim efficiently and handle the entire matter to give you time to grieve over your loved one while we manage your legal aspects.

Determining Dependency

Before starting the negotiation settlements in death claims, it is imperative to identify all the potential dependents of the departed loved one. The following people will be automatically considered to the next of kin wholly dependent on the support given under the name of the deceased employee.

  • A husband or a wife, except if the husband/wife were living in separate houses for a period of 90 days prior to the accident.
  • A child of the employee if:
  • The child is under 18 years of age and enrolled in high-school
  • The child is over 18 and is physically challenged and incapable of earning a livelihood.
  • The child is under 22 and is a full-time student enrolled in a postsecondary institution of higher learning.

If you have recently lost a loved one to a workplace accident, let’s have a look at our guide and make the process relatively easier.

Step 1: Collect all documents

  • Ensure you gather important documents such as the original death certificate
  • For clients who possess retirement provision with death benefits:
  • Final will and testament of the deceased
  • Marriage certificate
  • Divorce papers (in case of previous marriages)

Step 2: Fill in one of the claim forms:

You can submit your claim form electronically. You can either fill a death claim form, form of dependents and SAPS statement (only in case of unnatural death).

Step 3: Send completed documents to Bobe & Snell

Send all your documents to us using any of our mentioned contact details.


Our expert professional staff will assist you in getting your rights. Numerous employers turn their back as soon as the worker leaves this world and fight their best in avoiding fulfilling death claims. Go to https://workerscompensationlawyerga.com/wordpress/wordpress/ to fill your claims today and get the benefits you are eligible for. Contact us in Atlanta, GA for a free consultation at 470-268-5802 and speak to our expert lawyers today!

Death Claims

At Bobe & Snell Attorneys at Law, we believe that each and every case is unique. We are committed to handle your workers’ compensation legal needs diligently and professionally.

The internet is a great place to search for an experienced and result-oriented worker’s compensation attorney for almost every law firm has a website. Are you in need of a worker’s compensation lawyer? Call the Law Offices of Bobe & Snell today and schedule your free consultation.

Wrongful Death Claims Attorney Atlanta GA

Though taking serious legal actions might not be a priority for individuals who have lost their loved ones, it is always important that the survivors of a decedent hire the services of a wrongful death claims attorney immediately. Apart from emotional upheaval of having a family member pass away, most families also face significant financial burdens without the help of the deceased. Therefore, the compensation benefits offered by a wrongful death lawsuit might help in easing such financial problems.

Our wrongful death claims attorneys at Bobe & Snell have a great history of recovering compensation for our clients. They always work hard to ensure that they recover compensation that recognizes the value of the victim and assist the surviving loved ones in recovering from their losses.

So, anyone who has lost his or her family member unexpectedly should consider filling our free case review form now. Do that now and be sure that one of our experienced wrongful death lawyers will be ready to help.

Causes Of A Wrongful Death

Indeed, wrongful death happens when recklessness, negligence, or deliberate actions lead to fatality. “Negligence“ refers to a situation where a person fails to behave in a manner that a reasonably prudent individual would have behaved in the same situation. In order to determine that a wrongful death has happened, a lawyer must always prove that someone had a responsibility of caring for the victim, and their omission or act breached the standard of care, or their wrongful behavior was the direct (proximate) cause of the death or even injury suffered by a victim.

Common Causes Of A Wrongful Death

• Workplace accidents

• Medical malpractice

• Truck accidents

• Birth injuries

• Car accidents and many others

Wrongful Death Damages

Judges will consider various factors when establishing the damages that will be awarded to the survivor(s) of the victim. Some of the things considered include the relationship of the survivor(s) and the deceased, the value of the replacement of the services of the deceased, the amount of  income of the deceased that is available for the survivors, and also the life expectancy of the parties.

Hire An Experienced Wrongful Death Claims Attorney

At Bobe & Snell, we have skilled and professional wrongful death claims attorneys who are ready to help our clients. We offer the best legal representation to our clients.

We are professionals in this field. We ensure any client that we represent recover compensation benefits that they deserve. Contact us today.

Wrongful Death Claims Attorney

 Medical Benefits

Illnesses or injuries that qualify to be compensated according to the applicable workers` compensation laws need prescribed medical benefits that should be paid to all injured workers. The benefit limits & duration actually differ by jurisdiction. However, every state in the U.S offers essentially the same 3 categories or classes of benefits. These classes include:

• Death Benefits

• Disability or Indemnity Benefits

• Medical Benefits

Medical Benefits

Usually, medical benefits are unlimited without any deductible. The payments are normally made to the extent that the injured worker is cured or get maximum relief. Service bills go straight to workers’ compensation carrier, and the payment is directly made to the provider of health care. The responsibility of the worker is just to follow the instructions that are given by the doctor.

Though the medical care offered & the billing are handled by the workers` compensation carrier and the treating doctor, the states differ particularly regarding the choice of the physician. Twenty-one (21) states require the worker to use then doctor that is picked by their employer or company from a list of authorized doctors. The remaining twenty-nine (29) states including the District of Columbia usually allow the worker to select his or her physician. However, nineteen (19) of the `employee-choice` states limit the worker`s choices to physicians that are within managed care type network.

Medical benefits that are basic are treated the same in all states. The law requires all medical costs, nursing care expenses, surgical fees, and medication expenses that are necessary to `effect a cure & give relief ` be totally paid by workers` compensation insurance firm. Extra medical benefits are similar in all states. But, with some jurisdictional nuances. An example is rehabilitative services. All states offer rehabilitation benefits. However, the benefits are not necessary for the same amount or to the same extent.

The rehabilitative services benefits might entail medical rehabilitation, psychological rehabilitation, and vocational rehabilitation. Other states include rehabilitation services costs within the medical benefits. This makes the coverage unlimited.

Travel costs to & from a medical treatment are also included in the medical benefits. Some states usually compensate the mileage driven in medical treatment pursuit for work-related injuries. However, other states require that the mileage should exceed some threshold in order to be considered (for instance, North Carolina requires that the round trip should be over twenty (20) miles before reimbursement)

The above is some crucial information that every individual should know. Indeed, there are various medical benefits for workers compensation.

Medical Benefits


Back & Neck Injuries

For more information about the compensation benefits you could receive after experiencing a neck or back injury at work, contact us today for more information. We will be able to help you get back on your feet, and fight for your entitlement to wage benefits, financial assistance, and medical treatment as a result of your injury or accident.

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