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Psychological Injury Lawyer

Finding the right psychological injury lawyer when you have just suffered from a psychological injury following an accident or traumatic event that wasn’t your fault can be difficult, especially if you’re seeking legal aid for the first time.

Seeking advice from your friends and family regarding their experiences with different Atlanta psychological injury lawyers may be a good place to start. However, it is important for you to know key qualities that a good psychological injury lawyer, Atlanta should possess to help you successfully get compensation for your injuries.

  1. Knowledgeable

You should go for a lawyer who is both knowledgeable and skilled in the psychological injury litigations. Psychological injury cases require in-depth research and a thorough understanding of various benefits and timelines applicable to personal injury claims.

Your psychological injury lawyer, Atlanta should provide helpful answers to your questions. Furthermore, the attorney should provide a clear picture of how the entire process will work in your particular case.

  1. Accessible

Your Atlanta psychological injury lawyer should be accessible to make the process as effective and stress-free as possible. Therefore, it means your attorney should return your calls and address your concerns on time.

Also, a good psychological injury lawyer should be willing to meet you at a place that’s convenient for you.

  1. Experienced

As with most specialized professions, one can gain vast knowledge from the experience of doing his or her work. It is important to review the experience of the attorney before hiring him or her.

Feel free to ask the lawyer if he or she has handled the matters like yours before, and is ready to work with you through the process.

Lawyers have different approach or philosophy. Therefore, you should choose a psychological injury lawyer who will best represent your interests.

  1. Sensitive

Victims who experience traumatic incidents often feel vulnerable and confused about their next course of action. Experiencing psychological symptoms, losing a loved one or losing the ability to function as you did before the traumatic incident will pose a significant challenge to you.

Working with a psychological injury lawyer, Atlanta who’s sensitive to your overall situation helps to make you feel comfortable and get the resources to access the support you require.

  1. Tenacious

Ensure your Atlanta psychological injury lawyer is persistent in seeking or maintaining the required assessment, documentation and other information necessary to advance and ultimately conclude your case.

Civil litigations usually take several months, if not years, to conclude.  Hire a lawyer who’s prepared to push your psychological injury case forward and see it through to the end.

At Bobe & Snell, LLC, we specialize in personal injury and civil litigation law. We will use our hands-on litigation knowledge, experience and training to fight for your rights. Our goal is to ensure that your case is resolved in a timely, fair and respectful manner. For a FREE initial consultation or to get more information, please contact us today at 470.268.5802.

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Psychological Injury

Are you suffering emotional impairment or trauma from injuries, accidents, or other incidents? Our psychological injury lawyers are available to help you to secure the insurance benefits and financial compensation you are entitled to. Negligent behavior, injuries, and accidents can cause disability and physical harm. When someone has suffered a physical injury, he or she is usually entitled to compensation to cover emotional suffering, medical expenses, and loss of income.

Likewise, psychological injuries can be as damaging as the physical ones. People who’ve suffered from psychological injury, impairment, or trauma can also experience medical expenses, loss of income, and difficulties supporting themselves. And their families Many people usually don’t take psychological injuries as seriously as physical injuries even though the effects are often similar. Insurance companies may downplay the critical link between the accident or injuries and the resulting trauma or deny coverage. Psychological injury attorneys can assist clients to secure the insurance benefits and compensation which they deserve to move on with life.

What’s a Psychological Injury? 

A psychological injury refers to an impairment of mind. Psychological injuries include a broad range of impairments and psychiatric conditions, which can result from accidents or traumatic incidents. Although these injuries may not be as visible as physical injuries, they can be just as debilitating. Those suffering from psychological injuries can face difficulties looking for income to support themselves and their families or dealing with various aspects of daily life. There’s still a stigma surrounding the psychological injuries. Insurance companies usually deny claims or downplay the effects of these injuries. Individuals suffering from these injuries are at risk of insurers taking advantage of them. Psychological injury attorneys can assist to ensure that insurance companies and other relevant bodies review the compensation, benefits, and entitlements properly.

Psychological Injury – Painful and Hurting 

For many years, philosophers, scientists, scholars and curious individuals have been studying and researching about human psychological injuries. As the public becomes enlightened about how mental health affects financial and physical well-being, the magnitude of psychological injuries in a legal context is growing significantly. The psychological injury lawyers at our law firm have almost 30 years of experience in personal injury litigation’s and representing different victims in psychological injury cases. A psychological injury refers to an injury to a victim’s mind or psyche. Unlike traumatic brain injuries, where there’s an injury to a particular brain tissue, psychological injuries can develop without any physical trauma. For instance, witnessing a motor vehicle accident or motorcycle accident in which your loved one dies or seriously injured can cause psychological injuries. If you’re involved in a serious accident, sometimes the trauma triggers psychological damage- suffering severe burn injuries, losing a limb, becoming paralyzed or even just fearing for your life can cause psychological damage which could take several years to heal.

Psychological Injury

Psychological Injuries And Workers Compensation

When one thinks about on-the-job injuries, he or she most likely think of only physical injuries that one experiences as a result of accidents or traumatic events. But, there is another category of injuries that might be severe and that are frequently the subject of workers compensation claims. Work-associated psychological injuries may develop in various ways and for various reasons. However, the following workers compensation claims might be difficult. Any victim who thinks that he or she is entitled to compensation benefits due to work-related mental or psychological condition should ensure that they discuss their problem with our experienced Bobe & Snell workers compensation attorney immediately.

Psychological Injuries Related To Workplace Accidents

Often, mental or psychological injuries occur due to physical injuries that happened in the workplace. When an employee sustains a serious injury, that might have various effects in his or her life, that can trigger anxiety, chronic depression, or associated mental conditions. Such effects might entail:

Frustration regarding cognitive or physical limitations

Serious physical pain

Permanent scarring, change in appearance, or disfigurement

Undergoing treatment for physical injuries and psychological injuries simultaneously will be both mentally and financially taxing. Also, the injury might postpone a return to work. As a premier law firm in the legal community, we strongly believe that every worker deserves to recover for any on-the-job physical injuries and any subsequent psychological injury that develop following an accident.

Hire Experienced Bobe & Snell Alpharetta Psychological Injuries Attorneys

Our attorneys will effectively help employees with psychological injuries and ensure that they get maximum compensation benefits that they deserve. We really understand that such cases need legal experience, supported by professional testimonies from teams of psychologists and many other medical specialists. Without a doubt, cases that involve psychological injuries might be highly contentious. Some insurance companies will provide their expert witnesses who will testify to lack of truth in an individual`s psychological injury claims.

Therefore, the knowledge and experience of our Alpharetta Psychological Injuries Attorneys will be priceless. Indeed, failure to hire the legal services of a competent lawyer might see a person`s injury claims dismissed or massively underestimated. That can cause more psychological injuries to an individual. Besides, the traumatic experience of an individual might make him or her incapable of handling the legal process. The legal process involves detailed filings, negotiations, and submissions. Therefore, Bobe & Snell is best suited to handle these complicated cases.

Psychological Injuries

Experienced Psychological Injury Law Firm

When a person thinks of workers’ compensation claims, he or she believe that it just applies to workers who sustained physical injuries or illnesses while at a workplace. However, compensation laws also recognize mental, psychiatric, and emotional conditions that happen on the job. That’s when you need a experienced psychological injury law firm such as Bobe & Snell.

But, proving a mental or psychiatric injury might be difficult since they typically don`t present any visible signs. So, most of the workers` compensation claims that are based on purely psychological injuries are mostly denied.

Therefore, compassionate and highly experienced psychological injury law firm attorney can be a valuable asset to have when pursuing workers` compensation benefits for mental, psychiatric, and emotional injuries. We are the leading experts in this field. Our legal professionals have assisted many clients to obtain great settlements for work-related psychological injuries. We are always committed to making sure that all our clients receive the help that they need to recover from and cope with permanent or temporary disabilities. Contact us now for a free in-home consultation or evaluation.

Types Of Psychological Claims

Mostly, the law recognizes 2 types of psychological claims basing on whether a worker has suffered physical injuries or other conditions apart from the alleged mental or emotional injury. The two claims are:

1. Mental-Physical Claims

These are psychiatric injuries that happen as a result of diminished functional ability, physical pain, or losing a profession that relates to a work-related injury. Some of the examples of this types of claim include depression, anxiety, sleep disorders, and panic attacks.

2. Mental-Mental Claims

This type of claim don`t involve physical injuries and might be caused by a violent or traumatic event, like experiencing or witnessing crime, violence, and threats of sexual or physical abuse at the workplace.

What To Consider Before Filing Psychiatric Workers` Compensation Claim

As with many workers` compensation claims, it is always crucial to know well the compensation claims process, and whether an individual has a good chance of succeeding. Because of that, it is always wise to hire the services of a competent, experienced, and knowledgeable attorney to help. Indeed, a skilled lawyer can evaluate a person`s situation and offer valuable insights to assist him or her in making informed decisions.

All psychological injury cases are deeply scrutinized, and an insurance firm can investigate any aspect of the worker’s life. The insurance company will inquire about the victim`s mental medical treatment history, parents, marriage, children, litigation history, criminal history, bankruptcies, and many other things. In case one is not comfortable with the need to disclose such personal details, he or she may want to reconsider filing a stress or psychological claim.

If one has just worked at the employer for not more than two years, he or she might also have a difficult time proving his or her claim unless it is because of a sudden violent event.

If an individual`s stress originates from conflict with a manager or supervisor, and that conflict is about his or her attendance, job assignment, job evaluation, job performance, or any other actions that one considers unfair, there are higher chances that the claim will be defeated under the good faith personnel action defense.

Finding The Right Experienced Law Firm

Anyone who believes they have suffered a psychological injury while on the work should CONTACT US NOW. We are an experienced psychological injury law firm.

Psychological injury Law Firm

 Psychological Injury Law Firm Atlanta


Psychological Injury Lawyers

Psychological injuries are stress-related emotional conditions resulting from real or imagined threats or injuries that may become the subjects of personal injury litigation, workers compensation claims, criminal injury compensation and other disability claims.

Psychological Injuries Lawyers

The experience and expertise of our Alpharetta Psychological Injuries Lawyers will be invaluable. Failure to secure the services of a lawyer may see your claim dismissed or vastly underestimated.

Psychological Injuries On The Job

Yes, all jobs are stressful. There are some careers which have already proved being more stressful than others. When thinking of an on-the-job injury, it’s more likely that you’ll think of physical injuries resulting from accidents, traumatic events or injuries which occur after repetitive movements.

There’s however, another distinct class of injuries which is very serious and is usually the subject of workers’ compensation claims. To have your workers’ compensation claim approved for psychological injury, you’ll need to ultimately prove that you job did cause high stress, damage and even depression.

Work-related psychological injuries may develop in diverse ways and for numerous reasons though, the subsequent compensation claims can be difficult. Ailments of psychological nature qualify for workers’ compensation benefits. It could be the result of work-related issues, including issues with the manager and private life issues such as an aftermath of assault or robbery.

The rules for workers’ compensation with regard to psychological injuries can be slightly stricter than those of other ailments. You’ll find some attorneys unwilling to represent their clients for such claims considering how difficult they can be. That doesn’t imply that you’ll probably not get any help.

There are still those attorneys who are always willing and able to represent their clients even with the greatly complex claims. There’re those who’ve adequate experience to handle your claim suitably diligently, while well sensitive to what your needs and concerns are.

What Psychological Injuries Can You Claim?

Usually, a psychological injury will occur when you’ve experienced psychological stress or trauma, commonly associated with physical trauma. Among injuries which can be claimed, some include depression, anxiety, ulcers and heart diseases that have been caused by work-related stress. Some however, can’t be claimed, including mental trauma and nervous breakdowns.

Mental trauma is often caused by workplace injuries where the injured worker is in lots of pain and consequently unable to work. Still yet, there’re some instances in which an injury could be the result of depression, and this may be covered so long as the work injury is a reasonably contributing factor in the mental illness. However, the state legislature barely allows for covering of nervous breakdowns under workers’ compensation.

Psychological Injuries Connected to Workplace Accidents

Often, a psychological injury will arise from physical injuries which have occurred on the job. Should a worker sustain a severe injury, it could have multiple effects on their life. Such effects could trigger anxiety, chronic depression, or related mental conditions. These effects may include frustration, severe physical pain, permanent scarring, or change in appearance.

In addition, undergoing treatment for a physical injury, and psychological injury as well, can prove mentally and financially taxing. This could postpone a return to one’s work. Workers ought to recover, not only for their on-the-job physical injuries, but also for any subsequent mental conditions developed due to the accident.

Benefits With Psychological Injuries Cases

In case your claim is approved, it’s highly probable that you’ll receive benefits covering your medical treatment costs and the wages you’ve lost from the time you were prompted to take off-work. Benefits for permanent disability due to mental conditions are rare to quite a great extent. Proving that a psychological injury has left you unable to function permanently in a workplace could require quite a reasonable, extensive amount of complicated evidence.

An attorney however, is more likely to have resources necessary to obtain testimonies from psychological experts who could attest to the fact you’re not able to work. You’ll stand the best chance of acquiring the benefits if you’ve an attorney who well understands how the workers’ compensation law works.

The law surrounding psychological injury claims is complex when saying the least. There are some which you can’t claim, while yet there are others you can. Obviously, no one expects that you understand the ins and outs of workers’ compensation laws. That is the most definite reason why work injury attorneys are available. Basically, a work injury lawyer will assist by assessing your case and determining whether or not your psychological injuries can be claimed.

Workers’ Compensation

Workers’ compensation does provide you with financial assistance in overcoming the kind of illness in this case. It may pay for any lost wages, especially if you’ve had to take some time off work, and therapy and/or counselling costs. It may meet the medication cost you’d need to pay to help alleviate symptoms of your mental illness.

If you’re among those who believe they’re entitled to benefits because of work-related psychological injuries, it’d be best to discuss your situation with an experienced workers’ compensation lawyer, and as soon as possible.

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Psychological Injuries