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Atlanta Workers Compensation – Bobe & Snell

Workers Compensation was established for employees and employers to quickly and easily resolve the issues of job-related injuries. When a system works, and the insurance carrier and employer are fair and forthcoming, there’s no need for legal action. However, if the employer or their insurer denies your claim, or you’re needlessly waiting to get the compensation that’s necessary for you and your family, our Atlanta workers compensation attorneys can ensure the protection of your rights, and assist you to obtain fair compensation.

On-the-job injuries entitle victims to benefits for long-term and short-term expenses. Applicable benefits cover a broad range of disabilities and injuries acquired on the job. Some laws may entitle you to the benefits, often for a lifetime, if you’ve lost a loved one due to a job-related accident.

If you’ve been injured on the job, you may be entitled to workers compensation for medical fees, lost wages, medication, rehabilitation, and even travel expenses. Our Atlanta workers compensation attorneys will discuss with you all benefits and do everything to maximize the benefits you can recover.

After a job-related injury, promptly notify your employer, seek proper medical treatment, and then contact one of our reputable, experienced Atlanta workers compensation attorneys to file a claim for you.

Are You Eligible for Workers’ Compensation Benefits?

If you were injured or became ill because of your work, you could be entitled to Atlanta workers compensation benefits, including payments for lost wages and medical bills. As long as you are eligible, you may get compensation irrespective of who was at fault for the accident or injury. You lose the right to file a lawsuit against your employer for the damages (except in some situations when you can sue outside of the workers compensation system) in exchange for this protection.

Generally, there are three basic eligibility requirements for Atlanta workers compensation benefits:

  • You must be an employee
  • Your employer must carry workers compensation insurance
  • You must have a work-related illness or injury

Some categories of employees have special rules, including agricultural and farm workers, domestic workers, seasonal or casual workers, and workers placed with the employer by temp agencies.

Bobe & Snell Law Office LLC have handled thousands of Atlanta workers compensation cases years. Worker’s compensation laws have specific time delays, and requirements for addressing your claim could result due to a denial of benefits. Call us at 470.268.5802 for a free initial consultation or to file a claim.

Atlanta Workers Compensation

Slip Fall Injuries

Accidents can occur anytime, and they most often result in slip fall injuries. But when something or someone outside of your control caused an accident that left you injured, you may have to use the available options for legal recourse.

A slip and fall accident refers to the unfortunate situations when an individual falls, trips or slips due to a dangerous condition on the property of someone else. It includes falls due to water, snow or ice, and the sudden changes in a bad lighting, flooring, or a hidden danger, such as a gap or hard-to-see hole in the ground. The National Center for Injury Prevention and Control estimates that over eight million people suffered from slip fall injuries.

Key Theories of Liability in Slip Fall Injuries

An injured person must prove one of the following claims to hold another party responsible for the injuries he or she suffered due to a slip and fall accident:

• A property owner (or their employee) caused the hazardous condition resulting in a slip and fall accident -by leaving a dangerous obstacle in the walking path, for instance — and it was quite predictable that someone would fall and trip because of the condition. OR

• A property owner (or their employee) should’ve identified a hazardous condition (i.e. an uneven walking surface or a pothole) and repaired or removed the potential hazard, but didn’t. The crucial question here is whether a reasonable individual would’ve recognized the condition as dangerous and whether the defendant had ample time to remedy the situation before the accident happened.

Slip Fall Accident Claims

If you’ve been injured in a slip and fall accident, you may be entitled to get compensation for the costs and damages associated with your injuries. While every slip and fall claim is different, here are the common legal considerations to consider in each case:

· Slip and Fall Accident Claims -If you’re pursuing compensation for your injuries, you will have to file a slip and fall accident lawsuit or claim. When filing a lawsuit or claim in a slip and fall case, you’ll have to be prepared to submit evidence from a scene which shows the property owner knew about or should’ve known about, a dangerous condition which caused your injury.

· Slip and Fall Responsibility -Usually, the property owner could be responsible for your injuries if the person knew about the hazardous conditions OR should’ve known about the danger. Property owners must keep their premises safe, but won’t be responsible for slip and fall accidents that they couldn’t realistically prevent.

· Preventing Slip and Fall Responsibility -If you’re a small business owner or homeowner, getting an insurance can protect you from covering the costs of slip and fall accidents which happen on your property. While avoiding slip and fall accidents is ideal, an excellent business or home insurance plancan be a life saver if the guest slips or falls and injures themselves.

· Slip and Fall Attorneys -An experienced slip and fall lawyer in Alpharetta can be imperative to recovering the compensation you’re owed. Filing a slip and fall lawsuit or claim can be a difficult and frustrating process that’s made easier by the help of a highly qualified attorney.

Slip Fall Injuries

Catastrophic Accidents: Workers Compensation Law Firm

Labor Code describes catastrophic injuries as serious injuries that leave people incapacitated for a protracted period and causes financial difficulties. Catastrophic accidents are actually common for employees in the transportation industry, construction industry, and manufacturing industries among many others that frequently deal with dangerous machinery (like construction accidents) and toxic chemicals. Public safety officers such as firefighters, police officers, and other workers also experience such injuries because of the nature of their work.

Catastrophic Accidents: Examples Of Injuries

• Blindness

• Amputations or lost limbs

• Crush injuries

• Paralysis

• Spinal injuries

• Severe burns

• Brain injuries

In case an individual has experienced a severe injury at the place of work from a particular incident or even through consistent trauma, it is always important to seek the services of an expert legal attorney. We are devoted to helping all injured workers and provide them with individualized legal services.

Compensation Benefits

Various compensation benefits are available to employees who have suffered from catastrophic accidents. For sure, catastrophic injuries might be complex since they affect a person in various ways, such as physically, emotionally, and financially. Therefore, it is crucial that an individual should receive proper care & treatment immediately.

Below are some compensation benefits for workers who are catastrophically injuries. The benefits include:

• Medical care & treatment

• Handicap accessible equipment & accommodations for his or her home

• Disability benefits

• Nursing care or home care

• And rehabilitation costs among many others

As our client, start by talking to our Bobe & Snell workers` compensation attorneys. Our lawyers are always ready to discus with our clients their situations & explain how they can help them move forward as far as filing of their claims is concerned.

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Indeed, we are experts, and we know the law better. We are fully updated as far as changes to workers compensation laws are concerned. Besides, our lawyers know well how to use the changes to the benefit of our clients.

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Catastrophic Accidents

On-The-Job Death Claims Law Firm

According to the studies carried out by Occupational Safety and Health Administration in the U.S, over 4,600 employees are killed while doing their jobs in a typical year. On-the-job deaths are devastating, especially for the loved ones left behind. Also, the breadwinner`s death can have a significant financial effect on the stability of the affected family. That is when you need to hire an experienced death claims attorney.

In most instances, the workers’ compensation systems in some regions provide some limited death benefits to all survivors of employees killed in accidents that occur on-the-job.

At our law firm, we know that workers` compensation typically covers just a smaller percentage of the entire losses after a deadly on-the-job accident. That is why we are here to thoroughly investigate any workplace accidents with the aim of finding the responsible parties, and potential compensation sources.

Indeed, all survivors of the workers who die as a result of on-the-job accidents have a right to recover any damages from negligent property owners, manufacturers, insurance firms, and any other company that contributed to the accidents. The workers` compensation laws don`t protect these businesses and individuals, and many other non-employers. Therefore, it means that they can be required to pay some compensation in wrongful death lawsuits in case their carelessness contributed to the accident.

As the top professionals in the legal industry, we are devoted to examining all cases of our clients and identify the potential recovery sources. Our experienced lawyers have been helping all injured workers & their loved ones for many years. Give Bobe & Snell a call now, and be sure to get the best legal services.

Compensation Types Available For Death Claims

After a job-related wrongful death, two approaches which can provide compensation and benefits to the family members who survived are available. The options include filing wrongful death lawsuits or making workers` compensation death claims.

The workers` compensation benefits need to be available for all work-related deaths. In case an employee was killed while carrying out his or her job responsibilities, then the surviving family members can get death benefits from workers` compensation insurance company with just narrow exceptions. The compensation benefits can include ongoing income payments to their dependents, and coverage of all funeral expenses.

Pursuing Compensation After An On-The-Job Fatality

The process of getting the compensation benefits should be simple. However, insurance firms and employers sometimes can fail to follow the laws that protect their workers. In such as situation, obtaining the compensation benefits for death claims will become more complicated, particularly if one is denied the first claim. Because of that, an individual should make sure that he or she has a legal expert who is representing him or her to get the benefits that they deserve.

We are the best legal professionals in this field. Contact us now for quality legal services.

Death Claims

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