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Certain jobs and industries pose high risks of burn injuries. They include manufacturing, construction, scrap-metal recycling, restaurant workers and cooks, welders, electricians, roofers, and road pavers. 

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In Georgia, employees who are injured on the job are entitled to Workers’ Compensation medical benefits. These benefits include medical treatment that is necessary to cure you, provide pain relief, or restore your health so that you can return to suitable employment.

One of the issues that every injured worker faces in their Georgia Workers’ Compensation claim revolves around medical treatment. After an authorized treating physician has been assigned to the claim, it is very import for the injured worker to be involved in their treatment and to follow the advice of their medical providers.

Georgia law requires that an injured worker cooperate with their doctors and therapists when at all possible. While recommended surgery may be rejected without fear of compromising the claim, failing to follow the doctor’s advice can have a negative effect on the claim. It is especially important to keep appointments and to follow up with medical providers on the schedule that they recommend. But, what happens when the injured worker is not satisfied with their medical treatment?