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When some people think of construction accidents, the last place that comes to mind is their place of work. That’s because some people work in nice, quiet offices. Others work in fast-paced, yet clean and safe restaurants. Then, there are those who work in occupations that are less safe, like construction workers. This particular group of people is known to work around large, heavy and dangerous machinery. This is one reason that those who work in this particular profession have a higher chance of suffering serious injuries or even death. The good news is that when bad injuries do occur, the victims can always call on a construction accident attorney to come to their rescue. The lawyer doesn’t necessarily rescue them regarding getting them out of danger; however, he or she does help the victims get the compensation they are due.

Hiring a construction accident attorney may seem like a no-brainer to some people. Little do they know, there are others who will overlook this important task all in the name of trying to save money. In their eyes, their injuries alone, along with a few eye witnesses, are enough to convince a judge, jury or insurance company that they should be compensated for their suffering. What they do not realize is that when going up against big businesses and corporations, proving that they are guilty in the court of law is not always an easy task. That’s because many of these companies have a team of highly skilled and experienced lawyers who have been working for years in the profession. These experienced attorneys are tough to go up against, especially if the person going up against them is an amateur who doesn’t know what he or she is doing.

That is why a construction accident attorney is so important. These lawyers are just as trained and skilled as the ones who are hired by businesses and corporations. Therefore, they can represent their clients with diligence and integrity. They can advocate for them in the midst of the complicated legal system and give their clients the best opportunity to come out on top.

In some people’s eyes, it may seem unfair that a corporation would have the opportunity to escape any due consequences all because it employs a great lawyer. Unfortunately, that is just the way the legal system works, and sometimes fire must be fought with fire. So, if any workers are involved in an accident at their construction jobs, it is best that they hire a construction accident attorney. This will assist to secure that they get all of the damages that they are due.

Construction Accident Attorney


Construction Injuries And Workers Compensation

Construction workers are among the hardest working people in a country. They have helped in building our homes, cities, and country in general into what is now. Unfortunately, construction workers are among the frequently injured employees in the workplace. Due to the naturally risk tasks that they do, the surroundings that they work, and the conditions that they work in daily, it isn’t uncommon at all for such workers to experience some serious construction injuries or even be killed in the line of work.

When construction injures put an employee out of work or result in permanent damages to their body, then the victim must turn to expert workers` compensation lawyers such as the ones in BOBE & SNELL. We have teams of professional workers` compensation lawyers. We don’t charge any money for consultation & case review services. Contact us now or just fill out the contact form that is available on our website for an entirely free case review by our skilled workers` compensation lawyer.

Construction Injuries – Causes

According to studies, 1 out of every 25 employee deaths in the United States of America (U.S.A) involves a construction employee. For instance, the studies carried out in 2013 reveals that out of 3,929 employees who died as a result of work accidents, 796 of those workers were construction employees. There are 4 leading causes of such deaths. They are commonly referred to as the Fatal Four. The Fatal Four are falling, being electrocuted, being stuck by objects, and lastly being caught in between objects.

Common Construction Injuries

They include:

• Heat stroke

• Loss of vision or hearing

• Broken, crushed, or shattered bones

• Lacerations & cuts

• Burns

• Spinal injuries

• Head injuries

• Frostbite

• And loss of limbs among others

Any of these injuries might be serious enough that an employee can be out of the workplace for a longer time, or permanently. In case an injury has caused one to miss his or her workplace for a longer period, or if he or she will never be able to go back to the workplace, he or she should contact our competent workers` compensation attorneys at BOBE & SNELL. We protect the compensation rights of our clients. We know that our clients` companies might be the best to work for, but their insurance firms are not our clients` friends.

Call BOBE & SNELL for legal assistance today. We offer the highest level of legal presentation in the industry. All our workers compensation attorneys are experts. They are competent, experienced, and also knowledgeable in construction injuries. Call us today.

Construction Injuries

Construction Injuries

We are the leaders in the legal industry. With years of expertise and knowledge in the legal profession, we are the able to defend the rights of all people, and help them to get the justice that they deserve. Whether a person needs help with a workers` compensation claim procedure because he or she suffered construction injuries on a particular construction site, or not sure of his or her rights as one of the injured union members, we are here to provide the necessary help.

We advise everyone not to underestimate the seriousness of construction injuries. Even cases that appear like straightforward cases can quickly become complicated legal problems. Because of that, it is important for a person to contact us, the experts in the legal industry, to discuss his or her case details.

What To Do If You Were Injured

Here are essential tips needed when feeling workers compensation claims in case you are involved in a an accident and received construction injuries.

1. Report the accident/injury to the employer

If possible, one should report the injuries in writing, and be sure to keep a copy of that report for his or her records.

2. Fill out a claim form

Irrespective of how an employer will learn about the construction injury or accident, it is a must that they provide the injured person with a claim form immediately. If an individual fails to complete this claim form, the employer will have no obligation to provide the benefits. Therefore, one should ensure that the form is filled out correctly and entirely. Also, be sure to keep a copy of the claim. After that, it will be the responsibility of the client to notify the workers’ compensation insurance firm quickly and get medical assistance.

3. File the claim immediately

Anyone who wants to claim the workers’ compensation benefits should file the claim as soon as possible. If the injured person delays, that can result in potential delays or snags. Reporting the injuries and filing the claim immediately will increase the possibility that the benefits will be processed quickly. For sure, delays in reporting an injury just mean delays in the benefits.

We are extensively trained workers` compensation lawyers who are always fully committed to assisting people who are facing various difficult situations. Anyone who is in need of help to pursue a  case should contact our experienced and professional legal experts now for a free consultation. Contact Bobe & Snell now for the best legal advise and services.

Construction Injuries

Construction Accidents and Workers Compensation

If you get an injury while working in a building site any legal claim might be determined by workers compensation laws based on your state and the level to which the company is responsible for injuries. However, while claiming for this your attorney will know the level of your employer’s liability. But what is workers compensation?

Workers Compensation

This is a system of legalities detailing the benefits that an injured worker is entitled to get in case of construction accidents including medical expenses and lost wages. This is very important when an employee gets injured while working. In most states, the law requires that every worker gets workers compensation to take care of the compensation. Filing this claim is like any other claim. Under most states, employees are entitled to

· Temporary Disability- If you must take time off from a job because of construction accidents you will be entitled to payments related to temporary disability. This would give you a partial payment for lost earnings

· Medical Care- You have all the rights to all necessary treatments to relieve or even cure the impacts of construction accidents. Under this compensation prescription, medical bills, and even mileage to hospitals is paid. You may have to involve the company doctor but not for not more than 30 days.

· Permanent disability- If you cannot completely recover, you could be given a monetary reward. This kind of disability means that you have lost the strength to fight in an outdoor labor market. The amount given depends on how much is paid and the extent of the construction injuries that you have.

What to do When Looking for Workers Compensation

The first step is to file for compensation as quickly as you can after your construction accident. Any delay on your side could result in potential delays and snags. By immediately reporting the injury and filing the claim, you are increasing the chances that the claims will start quickly. On the other hand, delays could imply delays in getting the benefits. Try to report the accident to your employer in writing. For personal records, retain personal records copy. However, no matter how your employer comes to know about the injury they should give you a claim form as soon as they can. Remember, until you complete the claim form your employer does not have any obligation to compensate you.

Above everything, do not do this alone always involve an attorney in this process. You may benefit a lot by having a lawyer go through your claim to ensure that you are on the same page.

Construction Accidents

Construction Accidents

Your Claim In The Event Of A Construction Accident

Construction accidents can lead to fatalities that affect workers and non-workers alike. Compensation claims or personal injury suit an affected individual can file is dependent on the nature of the accident.

Naturally, the risks related to construction businesses are on the high side. The work is most times demanding and requiring workers to work at great heights. It is not just workers that are at risk of a construction accident as passersby are also at risk. There are myriads of things that can go wrong. Statistics from 2012 report reveals that construction accidents caused 775 deaths and 183,000 injuries in the United States alone. The number has continually increased over the subsequent years.

However, construction does not need to be dangerous all the time. There are certain safety standards every construction operation has to follow, and such standards are promoted by Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), an arm of Department of Labor.

Laws that cover personal injury that ensures an affected victim is well compensated. This law empowers an affected victim to take seek legal compensation if he or she suffers any form of injury around a construction site. What you will learn in this post, are different injury lawsuit you can file should you suffer any form of construction accident.

Construction Worker Injury

There are four set of injuries that fall under “fatal” injury category because they are responsible for two third of construction accidents that have resulted in worker’s death. The injuries are: electrocution, falls, “caught in-between” and “struck by an object”. Not until a worker gets fatally injured can a lawsuit be filed. In an event of a non-fatal injury, a worker has the right to file a lawsuit and seek compensation.

Options Available To An Injured Worker

When a worker files a lawsuit, his or her chances of success is dependent on the applicability of compensation rules in the region he or she works

Compensation For Workers

All 50 states in US design different forms of compensation for injured workers. This rule stipulates that a worker who gets injured in the course of work should be awarded some form of compensation whether the accident was as a result of negligence or not. An affected worker will benefit more if standard personal injury lawsuit is what is filed for rather than workers compensation case. Workers’ compensation isn’t so favorable for affected employees, but most employers favor it the more.

Personal Injury Lawsuit

Not all workers’ compensation lawsuits are treated the same when filed. Depending on the particular state, workers’ compensation laws do vary and usually binds between the worker and the employer. Imaging the following scenario; a worker working for a construction contractor suffers an injury while working. If he opts to sue the contractor, he will be entitled to worker’s compensation. But in the case he opts to sue the maker of the equipment that caused his injury, workers’ compensation rule will fail to hold in his case.

Injuries On Non-workers

Both workers and non-workers are at risk of suffering a construction accident. A passerby can easily get struck with debris coming from a building in construction. Road ways under construction with poor markings can lead to an accident. A child can easily get injured should he find him or herself in a construction site.

It is the responsibility of construction contractors to make pedestrian know about a looming danger in a construction site. They are not just required to provide only warnings; they have to make their construction site safe. Every contractor is at least required to observe every construction safety measure.

In some states, a contractor will be sued when they fail to adhere to stipulated safety precautions, while they can only be sued in the event of construction accidents in some other states. This means a worker can only file a lawsuit if there is evidence.

Construction Defect Lawsuit

There are times an accident will occur even after all safety precautions have been observed. For instance, a heavy object may fall off from a roof when not properly secured by a worker. The rail support on the balcony of a building may not meet construction standards thus causing a fall.

Affected persons have the right to file a lawsuit when this happens. Before filing a lawsuit, you have to first know whose negligence led to the accident that affected you. Was the fault from the contractor, architect or the construction engineer?


With the exception of workers’ compensation lawsuit, below are entitlements an injured person can claim in the event of a construction accident

  • Salaries accrued in the course of recovery from an accident
  • Paid medical cost
  • Financial reimbursement due to pain and uneasiness caused as a result of the accident
  • Financial reimbursement due to a compromise in health of the victim

Construction Accident

More than half of annual construction worker deaths are caused by falling, being struck by an object, electrocution, or being caught in or in between objects. While falls are by far the most deadly injury in construction work (34.6%), electrocution deaths and injuries are not a statistic to be ignored.

After treatment of your construction related injury or illness, your compensation lawyer will work with a team of doctors to assess the effects of your construction accident on your ability to work effectively and efficiently as before

In case you are involved in a moderate to serious injury or fall sick as a result of your work call 470.268.5802. With several Atlanta construction accident lawyer available, it is important to select one who is reputable and has a good history of winning compensation claims.

When a construction worker is injured on the job, he or she cannot, in most instances, sue the employer for work-related injuries. A third party, however, could be liable for negligence when an injury occurs on the job site. Even if the worker is injured due to his or her own carelessness, compensation is available in most states through the Workers Compensation Act.