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If an employee has suffered an amputation due to the negligence of a third party, he or she may be entitled to file a personal injury lawsuit. Call us today on 470.268.5802 If you or your loved one has suffered a burn injury at a workplace.

There are a lot of victims of workplace injuries, that may cause immobility issues for a long period of time, or may completely never go away. Call us today at 470.268.5802 If you are having difficulty collecting your Permanent Total Disability.

Be sure that you go over his past carefully so that you’re able to determine how well he does his job. Call us at 470.268.5802 if you need a reputable lawyer for your case.

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Did you suffer from a workplace injury? Do you feel you are pressured to go back to work by your employer before you’re capable or your employer is not abiding by the light duty restrictions issued by your doctor, you’ll need a Workers Auto Accident Claims attorney to help you resolve these issues with your best interests at heart. If you have suffered work-related auto accident injury, contact Bobe & Snell Law Office LLC for help. Call us today at 470.268.5802 or use our online contact form to schedule a free consultation.

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Do you know that defective products can cause spinal cord injuries? If you suffered a spinal injury due to a defective or dangerous product (for example, faulty airbags or seat belts that worsens the injuries you sustained in a car accident), you can file for compensation from the product’s designer, manufacturer, and seller. Complex legal and medical issues involved in spinal cord injury claims emphasize the need to hire a Spine Injury Attorney. Therefore, if you have suffered spinal cord injury seek legal help from Bobe & Snell Law Office LLC. Call us at 470.268.5802 or fill out our contact form to schedule a FREE case review today.

Generally, there are three basic eligibility requirements for Atlanta workers compensation benefits; You must be an employee, Your employer must carry workers compensation insurance and You must have a work-related illness or injury. Contact Bobe and Snell Law firm to find out if you are eligible for worker compensation today.

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