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Our knowledgeable and experienced medical benefits attorneys Atlanta will always do their best to tilt the scale in your favor. Call us today at  470.268.5802 if you are seeking medical benefits in Atlanta.

In such cases, you should hire an Atlanta medical malpractice lawyer help you to file a case/claim against the negligent parties. Call us today at 470.268.5802 to handle all your medical malpractice cases.

You are more likely to get all the medical benefits you deserve and even more, if you’ve strong medical evidence that supports your case. Employers’ insurance companies deny most workers’ comp claims due to insufficient medical evidence.

Workers’ Compensation Medical Benefits Lawyer

As a resident of Georgia, you will probably agree with us that workers’ compensation laws in this state are complicated. One might require a legal mind to understand them. You should seek guidance from a medical benefits lawyer who can help understand these laws.

Remember, if you fail to comply with them, then you risk losing medical benefits or your coverage for medical bills. If you were injured at work, you’ve legal rights. Reach out to a Bobe & Snell Alpharetta Medical Benefits Lawyer dedicated to protecting your rights.

In Georgia, many workers have workers’ compensation insurance coverage. Injured workers are compensated through this insurance, which pays income and medical benefits while they recover from the injury and can’t offer accomplish their job responsibilities.

Medical benefits are an essential component of workers’ compensation, particularly for severe injuries. While the insurance covers medical expenses, workers must ensure that they follow all regulations for getting treatment that stipulated under Georgia workers’ compensation Act, or they risk losing the benefits totally.

For a successful recovery, it is imperative to know your medical benefits rights if you’re got injured at your workplace. A skilled workers’ compensation medical benefits attorney in Alpharetta, GA can protect your rights and help you achieve your recovery.

At the Bobe & Snell Law Office LLC, we will guide you through the appropriate steps for getting compensation and the treatment you deserve to move on with your life.

What About Emergency Cases?

If an injured employee fails to follow the rules regarding recommended doctors, the employer is no longer held liable for medical costs. The exception is for emergency treatment. During real emergency cases, an injured worker may get medical care from the nearest emergency clinic. But, once the injured worker is out of the emergency, he or she should continue treatment with one of the physicians from the list given by his or her employer.

If injuries need surgery, the physician will be in contact with the Workers’ Compensation provider or employer. They’ll make the necessary referrals and arrangements to make sure that the medical team performing the surgery comply with the workers’ compensation rules.

Receiving Medical Benefits Under Workers’ Compensation

If you were injured at the workplace, workers’ compensation laws would cover your medical treatment. Exception for emergency care situations, you should seek treatment from a physician on your employer’s authorized panel of doctors.

The law lets a one-time change to another doctor on the panel of your employer if you’re not satisfied with the physician you chose initially. If the insurance agency or employer fails to comply with the rules concerning your claim, you may have a right to choose your physician.

With over 20 years of experience handling workers’ compensation claims, Bobe & Snell, LLC medical benefits lawyer can explain your rights and guide you on the right course of action for getting proper compensation and medical care for your workplace injury.

Medical Benefits Lawyer

Workers Compensation Law Firm: Medical Benefits Lawyer

The Workers Compensation Act has a system of disability & medical benefits that are offered to employees who are hurt or injured at workplaces or develop occupational diseases due to their jobs. The system is meant to offer protection to all workers from any financial hardships that are related to any on-the-job injuries, such as medical expenses and inability to earn salaries as result of injuries. If you have suffered a workplace injury then you need to contact a medical benefits lawyer. Below is some helpful information that you need to know.

Workers compensation offers the following two main benefits to injured workers. These include:

• Disability Benefits

These are cash benefits that are made to any injured employee as compensation, especially for permanent injuries or lost wages.

• Medical Compensation

Medical Compensation includes payment for medications, hospitalization, doctor visits, and surgeries. Also, medical compensation includes mileage reimbursement for vocational rehabilitation service, doctor`s visits, and attendant & nursing care in case of serious injuries.

A medical benefits lawyer at Bobe and Snell Law Office know that workers compensation cases can become complex. Our experienced attorneys also understand the importance of the outcome, particularly to the injured employees as far as protection of their living standards is concerned. Indeed, we help our clients throughout the region navigate the complicated workers` compensation systems, and ensure that they get the benefits that they deserve.

Our Medical Benefits Lawyers Protect The Rights Of Our Clients

Insurance firms are eager to convince their employees to settle compensation claims with lump sum payouts so that they clear their books & prevent workers from hiring the services of expert attorneys. This kind of settlement is referred to as clincher. If one signs this type of settlement without the help of an experienced medical benefits lawyer, it can lead to serious problems later that can`t be fixed.

We have teams of highly respected medical benefits attorneys and other medical experts who can provide the necessary documentations on the medical treatments that will be necessary in future, and the actual costs of those treatments. We advocate seriously on our clients’ behalf in order to secure their full compensation benefits.

Clincher settlements stipulate that workers can`t pursue extra benefits or even reopen their cases in case the conditions worsen. Because of that, it is vital to hire the legal services of an experienced and competent workers` compensations lawyer before signing any agreement.

Our expert medical benefits attorneys at Bobe and Snell Law Office are always committed to doing anything that is necessary to protect the rights of our clients. We take workers compensation claim cases on contingency fees basis. In case we fail to recover payment for a client, either through court decisions or negotiations, our client will not be required to pay any legal fees.

Call Bobe and Snell Law Office today for professional legal services.

Medical Benefits Lawyer



 Medical Benefits

Illnesses or injuries that qualify to be compensated according to the applicable workers` compensation laws need prescribed medical benefits that should be paid to all injured workers. The benefit limits & duration actually differ by jurisdiction. However, every state in the U.S offers essentially the same 3 categories or classes of benefits. These classes include:

• Death Benefits

• Disability or Indemnity Benefits

• Medical Benefits

Medical Benefits

Usually, medical benefits are unlimited without any deductible. The payments are normally made to the extent that the injured worker is cured or get maximum relief. Service bills go straight to workers’ compensation carrier, and the payment is directly made to the provider of health care. The responsibility of the worker is just to follow the instructions that are given by the doctor.

Though the medical care offered & the billing are handled by the workers` compensation carrier and the treating doctor, the states differ particularly regarding the choice of the physician. Twenty-one (21) states require the worker to use then doctor that is picked by their employer or company from a list of authorized doctors. The remaining twenty-nine (29) states including the District of Columbia usually allow the worker to select his or her physician. However, nineteen (19) of the `employee-choice` states limit the worker`s choices to physicians that are within managed care type network.

Medical benefits that are basic are treated the same in all states. The law requires all medical costs, nursing care expenses, surgical fees, and medication expenses that are necessary to `effect a cure & give relief ` be totally paid by workers` compensation insurance firm. Extra medical benefits are similar in all states. But, with some jurisdictional nuances. An example is rehabilitative services. All states offer rehabilitation benefits. However, the benefits are not necessary for the same amount or to the same extent.

The rehabilitative services benefits might entail medical rehabilitation, psychological rehabilitation, and vocational rehabilitation. Other states include rehabilitation services costs within the medical benefits. This makes the coverage unlimited.

Travel costs to & from a medical treatment are also included in the medical benefits. Some states usually compensate the mileage driven in medical treatment pursuit for work-related injuries. However, other states require that the mileage should exceed some threshold in order to be considered (for instance, North Carolina requires that the round trip should be over twenty (20) miles before reimbursement)

The above is some crucial information that every individual should know. Indeed, there are various medical benefits for workers compensation.

Medical Benefits


Lost Income Benefits Attorney

The fundamental aspect of the workers` compensation law lost income benefits program is the financial help that is provided by employers when their employees are hurt on the work. Therefore, if an individual is injured, and due to the injuries sustained, he or she cannot work for a particular period or permanently, an experienced legal team should help to ensure that that person is compensated for the period he or she is out of work. This is where our experienced and skilled legal team come in.

In many instances, employers try to make one feel like he or she was at fault or he or she is likely to lose the job if they file a compensation claim against the company or employer. The truth is that if one is hurt and his or her employer is the one at fault, that particular person has the right to file a compensation claim. This should be done without the fear of losing the job position with the employer. Furthermore, such as a person has the right to get compensation, especially for the time in which he or she was not able to work because of the injuries sustained.

Filing Lost Income Benefits Compensation Claim

Allow our law firm to step in and assist in the process of filing the claim. Our legal team has years of knowledge, skills, and expertise in filing work compensation claims. Besides, we specialize in such cases. Therefore, we are fully ready to help our clients when they are hurt on the work. If our clients are owed some compensation, if they should get lost income benefits, and in case there are other damages that should be included in their settlements, we always work hard to ensure that they are included.

Moreover, we always ensure that our clients are given a higher amount of compensation when filing their cases. We also inform them about their rights, particularly if the employer has threatened any of them with the likelihood of losing his or her job position if the employee files a compensation claim.

Receiving The Lost Income Benefits

If a person is out of the job, and cannot earn a living because of the injuries that were sustained by the work, he or she has a right of receiving compensation in case the negligence of the employer or a co-worker is the reason behind the injuries.

Choose our professional legal team for guidance, and assistance in the process of filing a compensation claim. We are specialists in this area. Call us today for more information and legal advice.

Lost Income Benefits

Lost Income Benefits

Disability Insurance Explained

It is not surprising that many consumers believe that long term disability insurance is the only type of disability insurance available. Long term is by far the most common type purchased by consumers as well as the most common type offered by employers and membership organizations. However, there are short term disability insurance polices on the market and they can be useful when needed. This article examines some of the more common aspects between the two types of disability insurance.

As mentioned above, long term disability insurance is the more commonly used type and it protects you should you become disabled through illness or injury. These policies usually begin to take effect once any short term disability policies end. The phrase “long term” can be misleading as some of these policies may only last 5 or 10 years. If you have the option, you want one that covers you until age 65.

Short term disability insurance, on the other hand, will cover a certain percentage of your lost salary if you are injured or become too ill to work. These benefit payments usually begin once your sick leave pay runs out.

Short term benefits often vary as time passes. Early on you will probably receive a large percentage of your usual pay, but as time goes on this amount may decrease. In many cases, short term policies last for six months or so before they are terminated.

It should be noted that short term disability insurance can come to you in many ways. For example, sick leave from work can be considered short term in nature. Worker’s compensation is also another form of short term disability insurance. In fact, worker’s compensation may be the most well-known type of short term disability insurance. Most employers are required to provide worker’s compensation benefits that replace a portion of your income if you are unable to work, due to an accident that occurs in the workplace or while on company time doing company work.

Your automobile insurance may also be a type of short term disability if they pay you for injuries sustained in an accident. Of course, if the other driver is at fault, you may be able to recover damages from them or their insurance company.

Long term disability is quite another type of insurance altogether. Long term policies may not begin until you have exhausted all other shorter term services, but once it does begin it is truly for the long haul, meaning years. While short term policies are used to help you get through a rough patch, long term is used to help you keep your home, your automobile, and your lifestyle.

Short term disability insurance is usually provided to you through secondary means, such as through your employer’s participation with worker’s compensation or through your automobile insurance. Long term disability insurance, on the other hand, is bought as its own entity. This purchase can be through your employer or it can be purchased by an individual in which case it is known as private long term disability insurance.

Disability Insurance

Our Experts

Our firm experts specialize in workers’ compensation, motor vehicle accidents, and dealing with a multitude of injuries that can happen in the workplace.

Our firm experts specialize in workers’ compensation, motor vehicle accidents, and dealing with a multitude of injuries that can happen in the workplace.