Slip And Fall Injuries Atlanta GA

Slip And Fall Injuries

Slip and Fall Injuries: Worker’s Compensation Law Firm

Over twenty percent (20%) of workers’ injuries in the United States are as a result of slip and fall accidents. These injuries add up to more than one million compensation cases every year. Slip and fall injuries can occur in all work surroundings, right from construction sites to hospitals or even office jobs among many other workplaces.

However, the good news is that there are worker’s compensation laws that protect victims who suffer from slip and fall injuries. In addition, the compensation laws recognize the fact that such injuries can occur easily in the workplace. As a result, that person may be owed compensation benefits for lost wages, medical bills, and many others.

Slip And Fall Injuries: Common Accidents

• Falls from heights

These include falls from staircases, machinery, or ladders.

• Falls on a slippery surface

These include falls from icy patches or spilled liquids (both outdoors and indoors)

• Same-level trips & falls

These include accidents that occur on uneven surfaces, and quick movements.

Though falls from heights might seem dangerous, any of the above accidents may result in severe injuries that might have a lasting effect. Therefore, anybody who has been hurt should not take the injury lightly.

Accident Causes

All employers have responsibilities of keeping their employees safe. This means they must always fix know issues and any safety risks. Though companies or employers and workers try their best possible to prevent accidents from occurring, it is not possible to prevent all accidents. Slip and fall injuries are mainly caused by:

• Damaged floors

• Spilled liquids

• Broken or even missing guardrails

• Broken or cracked stairs

• Unsecured mats

• Unmarked hazards

• Broken or poor lighting

• Exposed cords & wires

Anyone who is injured in the workplace and any of these issues is responsible for the accident, he or she has a right of filing a worker’s compensation benefits claim.

Common Slip And Fall Injuries

The common slip & fall accidents usually range from severe to minor problems. The kinds of injuries resulting from such accidents include broken bones, sprains, neck injuries, strained muscles, back injuries, cuts & burns, herniated discs, spinal injuries, joint injuries (shoulders, and knees among many others), and head trauma.

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Slip And Fall Injuries