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If an individual`s work needs repetitive tasks that use the arms and hands, he or she might be suffering from carpal tunnel syndrome, also called median neuropathy. Or he or she might be suffering from cubital tunnel syndrome, also known as ulnar neuropathy. These will prevent him or her from working, seriously affect his or her grip strength or capability to carry out fine manipulation tasks or cause tingling and numbness in his or her fingers. Though the company representatives might tell such a person that he or she is not entitled to any workers` compensation benefits for that condition, we are here to help. We are professional lawyers in the repetitive trauma field, and we help all our clients to know and understand their rights.

Repetitive Trauma / Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

We have extensive knowledge, skills, and expertise in dealing with workers` compensation claims in the industry. We strive always to level the playing field for our esteemed clients and ensure that they get full benefits they are entitled to. Give us a call today. We have a team of knowledgeable and skilled Repetitive Trauma / Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and workers compensation lawyers who are devoted to serving our clients.

Understanding Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Carpal tunnel syndrome is actually a condition that involves placing of pressure on the median nerve. This median nerve is a nerve in the wrist that supply movement and feeling to other parts of the hand. Some of the symptoms of this condition (carpal tunnel syndrome) in hand and fingers (the thumb, index & index side of middle fingers) are:

• Tingling

• Numbness

• Muscle damage

• Weakness

Experienced Repetitive Trauma / Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Attorneys

Indeed, the employers are not likely to be upfront with their employees about their ability to get workers` compensation benefits as a result of carpal tunnel syndrome, radial tunnel syndrome, cubital tunnel syndrome, or any similar cumulative or repetitive injuries. Instead of just accepting the ideas of the company, it is always important to seek the advice of an experienced and knowledgeable attorney.

Our legal company is one of the leading experienced and professional legal firms in the industry. We are always prepared and committed to helping our clients. Contact us today. We offer confidential and free consultation services. Evening and weekend appointments are available. As experts, we always work with all our clients on a contingency fee basis—we will not ask any of the clients to pay us until they have received what they are entitled to. Choose us now and be sure to get quality legal representation from the repetitive trauma injury experts.

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