Repetitive Trauma Injuries Lawyers

Repetitive Strain Injuries

Repetitive Trauma Injuries Lawyers

Most workplace injuries are caused by accidents that occur while someone is working. However, other workplace injuries aren’t caused by one incident. They are a result of repetitive activities and take time to develop or manifest symptoms. Repetitive trauma injuries can make it extremely difficult or impossible to continue working while trying to recover from your illness. The Alpharetta repetitive trauma injuries lawyers at Bobe & Snell Law Office LLC understand how difficult it’s to deal with the physical and financial burden of a repetitive trauma illness.

We can review your situation in a free, no-obligation consultation to determine if you may be entitled to workers’ compensation benefits while you recover. At Bobe & Snell Law Office LLC, we don’t charge legal fees for our services unless you’re compensated.

What Is A Repetitive Trauma Injury?

A repetitive trauma injury or illness is a medical condition caused by repetitive activities at your job or workplace. For example, you could make repetitive motions that cause strains, sprains, or nerve damage. This could include climbing up ladders, doing a lot of lifting, kneeling, running or even repetitive use of your hands. You could also be routinely exposed to toxic substances that cause lung problems or loud noises.

Workers in most industries are at risk of suffering from repetitive trauma injuries, including industrial and construction work. Some of the workers at a high risk of repetitive trauma injuries include:

  • Hand packers
  • Machine operators
  • Carpenters
  • Freight handlers
  • Welders
  • Stock handlers
  • Electronic machine operators
  • Assemblers

Other high-risk occupations include law enforcement and corrections officers.

Some of the common repetitive trauma injuries and their possible causes include:

  1. Carpal tunnel syndrome – This could be caused by typing on a computer daily or even cutting or welding. Carpal tunnel syndrome can cause numbness, tingling and pain in the arm and hand, making it extremely difficult to move your wrist, fingers, and hand.
  2. Back injuries – Workers who constantly stoop or bend down could end up with back pain or even damage to the spinal cord, such as rupture or torn disc. Muscles and ligaments in the back can also get torn or pulled, causing mobility impairments.
  3. Tendinitis – This is inflammation of a tendon, which attaches your muscle to the bone. Some examples of tendinitis injuries include golfer’s elbow and tennis elbow. Carpenters, painters, and plumbers are at risk of tennis elbow due to the repetitive motions they do with their arms.
  4. Thoracic outlet syndrome – This condition can result from carrying heavy objects above your shoulders or reaching above your head. It occurs when the blood vessels and nerves in the collarbone and neck become compressed.
  5. Bursitis – Bursae are fluid-filled sacs for cushioning areas where friction may develop between bone and tendon. Bursitis occurs due to the inflammation of a bursa sac. Workers who kneel while working often could get bursitis in their knees. Those who work with their arms a lot could also get bursitis in their shoulders.
  6. Hearing impairmentConstruction workers who’re exposed to loud noises regularly could suffer hearing impairment.

Alpharetta repetitive trauma injuries lawyers

Alpharetta repetitive trauma injuries lawyers at Bobe & Snell Law Office LLC can review your situation to determine if you may be entitled to workers’ comp benefits. We will guide you through the entire process, advocating for your best interests. We’re well-versed in Georgia laws on workers’ rights and compensation.

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Repetitive trauma can cause severe injuries that end up, causing significant pain and make it very difficult for you to keep working. When this happens, you should consider meeting with an attorney to go over the workers’ compensation process in Alpharetta.

Repetitive Trauma Injuries Lawyers

Our repetitive trauma injuries Alpharetta can guide you through the process, explaining your rights, the compensation you may be owed, and how to appeal if you’re awarded less compensation than you deserve or your claim is denied.

We work on a contingency fee basis and offer a free, no-obligation consultation. Therefore, you won’t owe any legal fees until you’re compensated.

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Alpharetta repetitive trauma injuries lawyers

Repetitive Trauma Injuries Lawyers