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When a person thinks of workers’ compensation claims, he or she believe that it just applies to workers who sustained physical injuries or illnesses while at a workplace. However, compensation laws also recognize mental, psychiatric, and emotional conditions that happen on the job. That’s when you need a experienced psychological injury law firm such as Bobe & Snell.

But, proving a mental or psychiatric injury might be difficult since they typically don`t present any visible signs. So, most of the workers` compensation claims that are based on purely psychological injuries are mostly denied.

Therefore, compassionate and highly experienced psychological injury law firm attorney can be a valuable asset to have when pursuing workers` compensation benefits for mental, psychiatric, and emotional injuries. We are the leading experts in this field. Our legal professionals have assisted many clients to obtain great settlements for work-related psychological injuries. We are always committed to making sure that all our clients receive the help that they need to recover from and cope with permanent or temporary disabilities. Contact us now for a free in-home consultation or evaluation.

Types Of Psychological Claims

Mostly, the law recognizes 2 types of psychological claims basing on whether a worker has suffered physical injuries or other conditions apart from the alleged mental or emotional injury. The two claims are:

1. Mental-Physical Claims

These are psychiatric injuries that happen as a result of diminished functional ability, physical pain, or losing a profession that relates to a work-related injury. Some of the examples of this types of claim include depression, anxiety, sleep disorders, and panic attacks.

2. Mental-Mental Claims

This type of claim don`t involve physical injuries and might be caused by a violent or traumatic event, like experiencing or witnessing crime, violence, and threats of sexual or physical abuse at the workplace.

What To Consider Before Filing Psychiatric Workers` Compensation Claim

As with many workers` compensation claims, it is always crucial to know well the compensation claims process, and whether an individual has a good chance of succeeding. Because of that, it is always wise to hire the services of a competent, experienced, and knowledgeable attorney to help. Indeed, a skilled lawyer can evaluate a person`s situation and offer valuable insights to assist him or her in making informed decisions.

All psychological injury cases are deeply scrutinized, and an insurance firm can investigate any aspect of the worker’s life. The insurance company will inquire about the victim`s mental medical treatment history, parents, marriage, children, litigation history, criminal history, bankruptcies, and many other things. In case one is not comfortable with the need to disclose such personal details, he or she may want to reconsider filing a stress or psychological claim.

If one has just worked at the employer for not more than two years, he or she might also have a difficult time proving his or her claim unless it is because of a sudden violent event.

If an individual`s stress originates from conflict with a manager or supervisor, and that conflict is about his or her attendance, job assignment, job evaluation, job performance, or any other actions that one considers unfair, there are higher chances that the claim will be defeated under the good faith personnel action defense.

Finding The Right Experienced Law Firm

Anyone who believes they have suffered a psychological injury while on the work should CONTACT US NOW. We are an experienced psychological injury law firm.

Psychological injury Law Firm

 Psychological Injury Law Firm Atlanta