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psychological injury

Psychological Injury

Are you suffering emotional impairment or trauma from injuries, accidents, or other incidents? Our psychological injury lawyers are available to help you to secure the insurance benefits and financial compensation you are entitled to. Negligent behavior, injuries, and accidents can cause disability and physical harm. When someone has suffered a physical injury, he or she is usually entitled to compensation to cover emotional suffering, medical expenses, and loss of income.

Likewise, psychological injuries can be as damaging as the physical ones. People who’ve suffered from psychological injury, impairment, or trauma can also experience medical expenses, loss of income, and difficulties supporting themselves. And their families Many people usually don’t take psychological injuries as seriously as physical injuries even though the effects are often similar. Insurance companies may downplay the critical link between the accident or injuries and the resulting trauma or deny coverage. Psychological injury attorneys can assist clients to secure the insurance benefits and compensation which they deserve to move on with life.

What’s a Psychological Injury? 

A psychological injury refers to an impairment of mind. Psychological injuries include a broad range of impairments and psychiatric conditions, which can result from accidents or traumatic incidents. Although these injuries may not be as visible as physical injuries, they can be just as debilitating. Those suffering from psychological injuries can face difficulties looking for income to support themselves and their families or dealing with various aspects of daily life. There’s still a stigma surrounding the psychological injuries. Insurance companies usually deny claims or downplay the effects of these injuries. Individuals suffering from these injuries are at risk of insurers taking advantage of them. Psychological injury attorneys can assist to ensure that insurance companies and other relevant bodies review the compensation, benefits, and entitlements properly.

Psychological Injury – Painful and Hurting 

For many years, philosophers, scientists, scholars and curious individuals have been studying and researching about human psychological injuries. As the public becomes enlightened about how mental health affects financial and physical well-being, the magnitude of psychological injuries in a legal context is growing significantly. The psychological injury lawyers at our law firm have almost 30 years of experience in personal injury litigation’s and representing different victims in psychological injury cases. A psychological injury refers to an injury to a victim’s mind or psyche. Unlike traumatic brain injuries, where there’s an injury to a particular brain tissue, psychological injuries can develop without any physical trauma. For instance, witnessing a motor vehicle accident or motorcycle accident in which your loved one dies or seriously injured can cause psychological injuries. If you’re involved in a serious accident, sometimes the trauma triggers psychological damage- suffering severe burn injuries, losing a limb, becoming paralyzed or even just fearing for your life can cause psychological damage which could take several years to heal.

Psychological Injury