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Psychological Injury

Psychological Injury Attorney Atlanta

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When you’re injured in an accident, the physical injuries are the most pressing injuries to treat since those injuries may be life-threatening. However, physical injuries aren’t the only injuries an accident victim suffers. Mental, emotional, and psychological injuries, distress, and anguish are common injuries sustained in accident cases. While medical professionals may not see these injuries, psychological injuries are serious. Psychological injuries Atlanta can be crippling and alter the life of a person significantly for years or even decades after the accident. If you have suffered a work-related psychological injury, you should consult a psychological injury attorney Atlanta at Bobe & Snell, LLC.

We can help you

If you’re suffering from any psychological injuries after a work-related accident, contact us at 470.268.5802 to schedule a free, no-obligation consultation right now! You deserve workers’ compensation for psychological injuries as much as you deserve workers’ compensation for physical injuries. Don’t allow any insurance adjuster or other defense representative convince you that you aren’t entitled to compensation for your psychological injuries or these injuries are not significant or important. You should seek compensation for your injuries to enable you to seek proper treatment that can ensure you move forward after the accident.

Common Psychological Injuries After An Accident

The following psychological injuries are common after suffering an injury in an accident:

•    Adjustment disorder •    Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)
•    Substance abuse disorder •    Depression
•    Anxiety •    Personality disorders
•    Mood disorders •    Thoughts of suicide
•    Flashbacks •    Fatigue and eating disorders
•    Anger and rage •    Tachycardia
•    Nightmares and night terrors •    Shame or self-blame
•    Fear of people, places, or activities •    Problems with concentration or memory
•    Social withdrawal •    Insomnia
•    Other mental, psychological, or emotional conditions  

Don’t put your life at risk

Most people put their lives at risk when they ignore the symptoms of psychological injuries, seek inadequate treatment or attempt to treat themselves. If you were injured in an accident or you know an accident victim who’s experiencing signs or symptoms of psychological injuries, you should seek proper treatment as soon as possible. Early diagnosis will ensure you start treatment early enough to overcome the debilitating and traumatic psychological injuries, which your accident and injury caused. You should hire a reliable psychological injury attorney Atlanta to fight for the compensation that can enable you to seek proper treatment.

Common Causes Of Psychological Injuries

Accident victims suffering from psychological injuries don’t experience the same symptoms. Furthermore, people who have suffered the same type of accident or injury may experience it differently. It is not a guarantee that every injury victim will suffer psychological injuries after an accident. Therefore, it can be difficult to predict whether you will suffer or not. However, a variety of accidents can cause psychological injuries that might impair your ability to return to your routine tasks after an accident and injury.  Types of accidents that might result in psychological injuries include:

Motor-vehicle related accidents, including commercial truck accidents, large vehicle accidents, car crashes, and motorcycle accidents Slips and falls or unsafe premises accidents
Pedestrian accidents Defective product accidents
Construction accidents Bicycle accidents
Explosion injuries Workplace injuries
Dog attacks or bog bites Boating accidents
Medical malpractice Police misconduct
Electrocution or shock injuries Amusement park accidents
Swimming pool accidents  

Work with a Psychological Injury Lawyer

As you can see, the list is long, and it could be longer. A person may suffer psychological injuries in addition to physical injuries whenever he or she is involved in an accident or injured through no fault of their own. Therefore, it’s important to work with a psychological injury attorney Atlanta if you’re injured in an accident. Your attorney will file a personal injury claim that covers all damages, including emotional and mental injuries.

Psychological Injury Attorney Atlanta

At Bobe & Snell, LLC, we are always ready to help accident victims who have suffered psychological injuries to get the compensation that they deserve. Contact us to schedule a free, no-obligation consultation with one of our experienced and reputable psychological injury lawyers Atlanta. Call us today at 470.268.5802 or use our online contact form.  

Psychological Injury Attorney Atlanta

Psychological Injury Attorney Atlanta