Medical Malpractice Lawyer Atlanta

Medical Malpractice Lawyer Atlanta

Medical Malpractice Lawyer Atlanta

Having the right attorney on your side increases your chances of getting the best outcome for your medical malpractice case/claim. The success of your medical malpractice case largely depends on finding a qualified lawyer, especially compared with more straightforward personal injury cases (such as those arising from minor car accidents). However, medical malpractice is a relatively rare specialty. How do you find the right medical malpractice lawyer Atlanta, if you think you have a legitimate case? Read on to find out.

Seek Recommendations From A Lawyer You Trust

Ask a lawyer who you know and trust to recommend a good malpractice lawyer Atlanta. Perhaps, this is the best way to find the right attorney to handle your case. Through years of litigation and lawyer-to-lawyer networking, most lawyers have developed long contact lists. If you do not know any lawyer, ask your friend or relative who has used a lawyer before to give you some recommendations or ask their lawyer to provide them. Many lawyers are more than willing to help.

Your State Or Local Bar Association Can Help. Call/Email Them

You can use the lawyer referral services that are available in almost state and local bar associations. These services connect prospective clients with qualified attorneys. In most bar associations, lawyers must demonstrate a specified level of experience in medical malpractice law before they can be enlisted in such a specialty.

Call or email the bar association and ask them to refer you to a qualified medical malpractice lawyer Atlanta. That is how you will be connected with a lawyer. Do an online search for “bar association” in Atlanta.

Do Your Own Online Research

You can find a platform on most web sites that connects prospective clients with lawyers by specialty. Submit an email request or use a “chat” feature – providing some general information about your case – to have qualified medical malpractice lawyers call you.

What to Ask a Lawyer

The lawyer’s experience in medical malpractice cases and whether you and the attorney are a good fit for one another are essential qualities to look for when you are considering to hire a medical malpractice lawyer Atlanta.

How Experienced is the Lawyer?

A lawyer with vast experience in medical malpractice law is the best choice when hiring a medical malpractice lawyer. This does not mean you only go for a lawyer who handles medical malpractice cases exclusively but look for one that medical malpractice forms a significant percentage of his or her caseload.

Asking a lawyer about his or her experience in medical malpractice cases is the best place to start. Has the lawyer handled medical malpractice cases before, and what types of cases did he or she handle? How many have settled? What is the highest amount of medical malpractice settlement has the lawyer won?

How many medical malpractice trials has the attorney had? How many has he or she won? Remembering that winning medical malpractice cases is quite difficult, and in most cases, the verdict favors the defense. Therefore, you should not expect that the attorney will have won most of his or her trials.

Are You and the Lawyer a Good Fit?

Just like lawyer’s competency and experience, this is an essential factor to consider. You should note a red flag if you and the lawyer cannot seem to get along well.

Assessing yourself and the lawyer is necessary to figure out whether you and the lawyer will be a good fit. Just as people do, lawyers come in all types. While there are warm, friendly, touchy-feely lawyers, there are curt, brusque lawyers as well. It is up to you to decide on the kind of attorney-client relationship you want.

Medical Malpractice Lawyer Atlanta

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Medical Malpractice Lawyer Atlanta

Medical Malpractice Lawyer Atlanta