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Workers’ Compensation Medical Benefits Lawyer

As a resident of Georgia, you will probably agree with us that workers’ compensation laws in this state are complicated. One might require a legal mind to understand them. You should seek guidance from a medical benefits lawyer who can help understand these laws.

Remember, if you fail to comply with them, then you risk losing medical benefits or your coverage for medical bills. If you were injured at work, you’ve legal rights. Reach out to a Bobe & Snell Alpharetta Medical Benefits Lawyer dedicated to protecting your rights.

In Georgia, many workers have workers’ compensation insurance coverage. Injured workers are compensated through this insurance, which pays income and medical benefits while they recover from the injury and can’t offer accomplish their job responsibilities.

Medical benefits are an essential component of workers’ compensation, particularly for severe injuries. While the insurance covers medical expenses, workers must ensure that they follow all regulations for getting treatment that stipulated under Georgia workers’ compensation Act, or they risk losing the benefits totally.

For a successful recovery, it is imperative to know your medical benefits rights if you’re got injured at your workplace. A skilled workers’ compensation medical benefits attorney in Alpharetta, GA can protect your rights and help you achieve your recovery.

At the Bobe & Snell Law Office LLC, we will guide you through the appropriate steps for getting compensation and the treatment you deserve to move on with your life.

What About Emergency Cases?

If an injured employee fails to follow the rules regarding recommended doctors, the employer is no longer held liable for medical costs. The exception is for emergency treatment. During real emergency cases, an injured worker may get medical care from the nearest emergency clinic. But, once the injured worker is out of the emergency, he or she should continue treatment with one of the physicians from the list given by his or her employer.

If injuries need surgery, the physician will be in contact with the Workers’ Compensation provider or employer. They’ll make the necessary referrals and arrangements to make sure that the medical team performing the surgery comply with the workers’ compensation rules.

Receiving Medical Benefits Under Workers’ Compensation

If you were injured at the workplace, workers’ compensation laws would cover your medical treatment. Exception for emergency care situations, you should seek treatment from a physician on your employer’s authorized panel of doctors.

The law lets a one-time change to another doctor on the panel of your employer if you’re not satisfied with the physician you chose initially. If the insurance agency or employer fails to comply with the rules concerning your claim, you may have a right to choose your physician.

With over 20 years of experience handling workers’ compensation claims, Bobe & Snell, LLC medical benefits lawyer can explain your rights and guide you on the right course of action for getting proper compensation and medical care for your workplace injury.

Medical Benefits Lawyer