Medical Benefits Attorney Atlanta

Medical Benefits Attorney Atlanta

Medical Benefits Attorney Atlanta

What a Good Medical Benefits Attorney Atlanta can do for you.

Are you an employee who has suffered a work-related illness or injury? You may be entitled to medical benefits. Therefore, hiring an experienced and dedicated Atlanta medical benefits attorney Atlanta gives you a much better chance of getting the medical benefits you deserve.

Don’t Let Insurance Companies Deny you of your Compensation Claims

First of all, remember, some employers or their insurance companies deny worker’s compensation claims, even when they are legitimate. As a result, injured employees will have to face a complex system of appeals. Also at that point, most victims give up, while others try to navigate the system on their own.

medical benefits attorney Atlanta at Bobe & Snell Law Office LLC will gather medical evidence that supports your claim, communicate with the workers’ compensation insurer on your behalf, represent you at worker’s compensation hearing and negotiate a reasonable settlement.

Our Medical Benefits Attorneys Atlanta Are Experienced

Our knowledgeable and experienced medical benefits attorneys Atlanta will always do their best to tilt the scale in your favor. Consequently, we understand that the attorneys and claim that the adjusters working for the insurance company aren’t looking out for you, and therefore will not hesitate to reject your claim for dubious reasons.

Developing Medical, Vocational, and Other Evidence

You are more likely to get all the medical benefits you deserve and even more, if you’ve strong medical evidence that supports your case. Employers’ insurance companies deny most workers’ comp claims due to insufficient medical evidence.

An Atlanta medical benefits attorney Atlanta at Bobe & Snell Law Office LLC can help you to develop medical evidence by:

  • recommending or arranging treatment with certain doctors
  • gathering medical records
  • seeking medical opinions from your doctors and through an independent medical examination
  • conducting depositions of medical experts, and
  • representing you when you have to appear and answer questions at a deposition.

Several other types of evidence could bolster your case/claim, including:

  • statements from family members and friends about your daily activities
  • testimony from a vocational expert about the physical requirements of your job, or
  • evidence showing your employer’s history of lack of training or poor workplace safety.

Based on the strengths and weaknesses of your case, an experienced medical benefits attorney Atlanta will understand the required evidence to maximize the chances of a good outcome.

Negotiating and Structuring Settlement Agreements

At some point, you may have to negotiate with the insurance company of your employer to reach a settlement. An Atlanta medical benefits attorney has an advantage of estimating the value of your claim– that is, the number of benefits you deserve, based on the following factors:

  • whether you’ve lasting impairments and, if so, the extent of your permanent disability
  • your past medical expenses and the cost of medical treatment you will need in the future
  • the extent of your injuries and the resulting limitations, and
  • and also whether your employer owes for past temporary disability (wage loss) benefits and penalties for late payments.

Medical Benefits Attorney Atlanta

An Atlanta medical benefits attorney can help you come up with a reasonable estimate of future medical expenses so that it is covered in the settlement agreement. Your attorney will ensure that you develop a proper settlement agreement that won’t have negative consequences down the road.

A lawyer is essential in settlement negotiations. Also, it is true that workers’ compensation judges must approve settlements. However, it would be risky to depend on a judge to protect your interests adequately.

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Medical Benefits Attorney Atlanta

Medical Benefits Attorney Atlanta