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Licensed Mediator Specializing In Mediating Workers’ Compensation Claims

Today, mediation has become the best way to resolve legal claims, especially in personal injuries and workers` compensations claims. For sure, mediation is a type of “Alternative Dispute Resolution” which gives the injured individual a chance to resolve his/her claims against the insurer or insurance firm without the need to go to a jury trial or hearing in front of judges. Therefore, the injured individual and the insurer can decide to sue mediation as the best means of reaching a fair settlement. Licensed Mediator provides the victim and the insurer a chance to settle a claim in a less expensive, less stressful, and much faster way than going to hearing or trial.

Understanding Mediation

Mediation can be held at the office of the mediator. Besides, mediation can be held at the State Board of workers` comp in workers` compensation cases. However, medication can also be held at the office of a lawyer who is representing the parties involved in that particular case.

The mediator must be a lawyer who has several years of skills, competency, and expertise in personal injury cases and also workers` compensation claims. The mediator must have gone through special training in order to be certified and licensed.

Also, the mediator should not be an advocate for any of the parties involved in the claim. Indeed, the mediator should be licensed and neutral. His or her work is to ensure that the parties involved have reached the resolution of the claim. Mediations always begin when both parties involve are present in the same room or office. The two parties must be given equal chances to present their cases. Then, the parties will separate into different rooms. The mediator will then go to each room and present the settlement offers to each party with the aim of resolving the issue.

Hire Our Expert Mediation Services

Every personal injury lawyer in our lawyer firm is a licensed mediator. Therefore, we are the premier providers of the highest quality mediation services in the Atlanta area. Admittedly, mediation offers the best opportunity of resolving claims in a low stress and comfortable process, with no stress, expenses, and time of going to hearing or trial.

At Bobe & Snell, we have decades of skills, experiences, knowledge, and competence in the mediation of both personal injury and workers` compensation claims. Our licensed mediators always ensure that they deliver the highest level of representation & services to all our clients.

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