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In Georgia, all workers who are injured while working are given workers compensation benefits. Regarding the monetary compensation benefits, there are various kinds of benefits that injured employees are entitled to. They include the benefits for when they are not entirely out of a job, the benefits for when an individual is earning less income as a result of the injury, and the benefits for the permanent damages to any part of the body. If this is your situation you need to have some information about GA workers compensation law.

Injured workers who are covered by the workers compensation are entitled to quality medical treatment at the expense of the employer. In case a worker will miss work as a result of injuries or he or she is permanently injured, the worker is most like to receive any of the following compensation cash benefits. The cash benefits include:

• Total Temporary Disability; abbreviated as TTD
• Permanent Partial Disability; abbreviated as PPD
• Total Partial Disability; abbreviated as TPD

Calculation Of The Workers Cash Benefits

An individual workers compensation cash benefits are based on his or her “average weekly wage”.  Then, the wage figure is applied to the kind of disability benefits that he or she is entitled to. The “average weekly wage” is calculated by averaging an individual`s wage from the thirteen (13) weeks before the injury. The figure includes hourly pay, salary, meal allowances, tips, clothing allowances, lodging allowances, and also year-end bonuses.

Depending on the amount that an individual has made or worked for in the thirteen (13) weeks before being hurt, the computation can end up benefiting that person or unfairly setting his wage figure lower than what he or she thinks it should be. In case a person has not worked or made any wage for the thirteen (13) weeks that precede the injury (for instance (for instance, maybe he or she was injured on the first day), his or her wage will be set using the wage of a similar worker for the thirteen (13) weeks before his or her injury.

Temporary Total Disability Benefits

One is entitled to TTD benefits in case his or her work injury will lead to total disability from work. These benefits are (two-thirds) of the victim`s average weekly wage. However, it should not be over 500 USD weekly for the injuries that occurred on/after July 1, 2007.

Temporary Partial Disability Benefits

One is entitled to these benefits in case his or her earning capacity is affected, but he or she is not entirely disabled from working. In case one is hurt, and he or she is unable to receive a weekly wage that is equal to the weekly wage before the injury, that person is entitled to (two-thirds) the difference between his or her wage figure before & after the hurt. However, it should not exceed 334 USD per week.

Permanent Partial Disability Benefits

This type of benefit relates entirely to an individual`s physical disability level, and not the earning capacity. A worker is entitled to this type of benefit even if he or she has not lost wages or has never missed work as a result of an injury. It is based totally on a particular formula that considers the impairment percentage, the body part impaired, and his or her compensation rate.

The above is some helpful information regarding GA workers compensation law.

Ga Workers Compensation Law

GA Workers Compensation Law