Construction Injuries Atlanta

Construction Injuries

Construction Injuries

We are the leaders in the legal industry. With years of expertise and knowledge in the legal profession, we are the able to defend the rights of all people, and help them to get the justice that they deserve. Whether a person needs help with a workers` compensation claim procedure because he or she suffered construction injuries on a particular construction site, or not sure of his or her rights as one of the injured union members, we are here to provide the necessary help.

We advise everyone not to underestimate the seriousness of construction injuries. Even cases that appear like straightforward cases can quickly become complicated legal problems. Because of that, it is important for a person to contact us, the experts in the legal industry, to discuss his or her case details.

What To Do If You Were Injured

Here are essential tips needed when feeling workers compensation claims in case you are involved in a an accident and received construction injuries.

1. Report the accident/injury to the employer

If possible, one should report the injuries in writing, and be sure to keep a copy of that report for his or her records.

2. Fill out a claim form

Irrespective of how an employer will learn about the construction injury or accident, it is a must that they provide the injured person with a claim form immediately. If an individual fails to complete this claim form, the employer will have no obligation to provide the benefits. Therefore, one should ensure that the form is filled out correctly and entirely. Also, be sure to keep a copy of the claim. After that, it will be the responsibility of the client to notify the workers’ compensation insurance firm quickly and get medical assistance.

3. File the claim immediately

Anyone who wants to claim the workers’ compensation benefits should file the claim as soon as possible. If the injured person delays, that can result in potential delays or snags. Reporting the injuries and filing the claim immediately will increase the possibility that the benefits will be processed quickly. For sure, delays in reporting an injury just mean delays in the benefits.

We are extensively trained workers` compensation lawyers who are always fully committed to assisting people who are facing various difficult situations. Anyone who is in need of help to pursue a  case should contact our experienced and professional legal experts now for a free consultation. Contact Bobe & Snell now for the best legal advise and services.

Construction Injuries