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Construction Injuries And Workers Compensation

Construction workers are among the hardest working people in a country. They have helped in building our homes, cities, and country in general into what is now. Unfortunately, construction workers are among the frequently injured employees in the workplace. Due to the naturally risk tasks that they do, the surroundings that they work, and the conditions that they work in daily, it isn’t uncommon at all for such workers to experience some serious construction injuries or even be killed in the line of work.

When construction injures put an employee out of work or result in permanent damages to their body, then the victim must turn to expert workers` compensation lawyers such as the ones in BOBE & SNELL. We have teams of professional workers` compensation lawyers. We don’t charge any money for consultation & case review services. Contact us now or just fill out the contact form that is available on our website for an entirely free case review by our skilled workers` compensation lawyer.

Construction Injuries – Causes

According to studies, 1 out of every 25 employee deaths in the United States of America (U.S.A) involves a construction employee. For instance, the studies carried out in 2013 reveals that out of 3,929 employees who died as a result of work accidents, 796 of those workers were construction employees. There are 4 leading causes of such deaths. They are commonly referred to as the Fatal Four. The Fatal Four are falling, being electrocuted, being stuck by objects, and lastly being caught in between objects.

Common Construction Injuries

They include:

• Heat stroke

• Loss of vision or hearing

• Broken, crushed, or shattered bones

• Lacerations & cuts

• Burns

• Spinal injuries

• Head injuries

• Frostbite

• And loss of limbs among others

Any of these injuries might be serious enough that an employee can be out of the workplace for a longer time, or permanently. In case an injury has caused one to miss his or her workplace for a longer period, or if he or she will never be able to go back to the workplace, he or she should contact our competent workers` compensation attorneys at BOBE & SNELL. We protect the compensation rights of our clients. We know that our clients` companies might be the best to work for, but their insurance firms are not our clients` friends.

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