Construction Accidents

Construction Accidents and Workers Compensation

If you get an injury while working in a building site any legal claim might be determined by workers compensation laws based on your state and the level to which the company is responsible for injuries. However, while claiming for this your attorney will know the level of your employer’s liability. But what is workers compensation?

Workers Compensation

This is a system of legalities detailing the benefits that an injured worker is entitled to get in case of construction accidents including medical expenses and lost wages. This is very important when an employee gets injured while working. In most states, the law requires that every worker gets workers compensation to take care of the compensation. Filing this claim is like any other claim. Under most states, employees are entitled to

· Temporary Disability- If you must take time off from a job because of construction accidents you will be entitled to payments related to temporary disability. This would give you a partial payment for lost earnings

· Medical Care- You have all the rights to all necessary treatments to relieve or even cure the impacts of construction accidents. Under this compensation prescription, medical bills, and even mileage to hospitals is paid. You may have to involve the company doctor but not for not more than 30 days.

· Permanent disability- If you cannot completely recover, you could be given a monetary reward. This kind of disability means that you have lost the strength to fight in an outdoor labor market. The amount given depends on how much is paid and the extent of the construction injuries that you have.

What to do When Looking for Workers Compensation

The first step is to file for compensation as quickly as you can after your construction accident. Any delay on your side could result in potential delays and snags. By immediately reporting the injury and filing the claim, you are increasing the chances that the claims will start quickly. On the other hand, delays could imply delays in getting the benefits. Try to report the accident to your employer in writing. For personal records, retain personal records copy. However, no matter how your employer comes to know about the injury they should give you a claim form as soon as they can. Remember, until you complete the claim form your employer does not have any obligation to compensate you.

Above everything, do not do this alone always involve an attorney in this process. You may benefit a lot by having a lawyer go through your claim to ensure that you are on the same page.

Construction Accidents

Construction Accidents