The following workers are at higher risk of head injuries. They include Firefighters, Construction workers, Race-car drivers, Police officers, Professional athletes, and Delivery personnel. Give us a call today at 470.268.5802 if you have suffered a severe head injury that led to traumatic brain injury.

A person may suffer psychological injuries in addition to physical injuries whenever he or she is involved in an accident or injured through no fault of their own. Call us today at 470.268.5802 with one of our experienced and reputable psychological injury lawyers Atlanta.

If you have been hurt because of someone else’s carelessness, you can sue that person for damages. No matter the outcome. Call us at 470.268.5802 to talk to a lawyer right away.

Personal injury is a field that is difficult to have a case in. That means you should only use an experienced lawyer. Call us today at 470.268.5802 if you want a person that has handled many cases in the field and specifically cases like yours.

Personal injury lawsuits are filed for all sorts of reasons. You need the right information if you are wanting to do this. Call us today at 470.268.5802 to get more information.

Ensure that you get the names, if anyone witnessed your unfortunate accident. In a close case, you might require witnesses to prove that you were hurt at work, and not elsewhere. For more tips contact Bobe & Snell, LLC. Call us today at 470.268.5802.

Are you suffering emotional impairment or trauma from injuries, accidents, or other incidents? Psychological injury lawyers at Bobe and Snell Law Office are available to help you to secure the financial compensation you are entitled to. When someone has suffered a physical injury, he or she is usually entitled to compensation to cover emotional suffering, medical expenses, and loss of income.  The psychological injury lawyers at our law firm have 30 years of experience in personal injury litigation’s and representing different victims in psychological injury cases. for ,ore information call bobe and Snell Law Office at 470.268.5802.

Most head and brain injuries are consequences resulting from a heavy impact to the head region. The head trauma could be the result of the following: vehicle and motorbike accidents, assault, slips and fall, sports activities accidents, aneurysms, and seizures and strokes. When Brain and head injury happens at work, you need an Alpharetta Head And Brain Injury Lawyer Like Those at Bobe and Snell LLC.

A slip and fall accident refers to the unfortunate situations when an individual falls, trips or slips due to a dangerous condition on the property of someone else. It includes falls due to water, snow or ice, and the sudden changes in a bad lighting, flooring, or a hidden danger, such as a gap or hard-to-see hole in the ground. Are you a victim of slip and fall accident. We can help you. Contact Bobe and Snell LLC at 470.268.5802

Interview Questions To Help You Choose The Best Spinal Cord Injury Lawyer

You should interview your potential spinal cord injury lawyer, Alpharetta, GA to determine whether your case or claim has merit, whether the lawyer is qualified to handle it, and whether you’re comfortable with the lawyer and his or her law firm.

You must have the right interview questions to help you achieve your goals. Also, you or someone accompanying you to the interview should prepare to take good notes. At Bobe & Snell, LLC, we would like to share with you some critical questions to ask any Alpharetta spinal cord injury you’re considering to work with:

  • How many SCI cases have you handled before and what’s your track record with winning trials? When did you personally tried the last SCI case to a jury and got a successful verdict?
  • Do you handle other types of personal injury? If yes, what types of other cases do you handle? What percentage involve other types of injury claims?
  • Will you advance all the necessary costs to bring the case or lawsuit to trial if that is a perfect option for maximum recovery? Will you ever ask me to advance any costs in the lawsuit?
  • How long have you been practicing?
  • What percentage of your cases over those years of practice have involved spinal cord injuries?
  • Will you be handling my case personally or you will ask someone else under you to handle the majority of the work? Who’s this person?  A paralegal or an attorney?  How many years of experience do they’ve regarding spinal cord injury litigations?

Contingent fee arrangements are attractive since they do not require you to pay any cash up front. Luckily, they’re the norm for plaintiffs in spinal cord injury litigations.

The Alpharetta spinal cord injury lawyer shares in the recovery risks and agrees that you only pay him or her if your case is ultimately successful by virtue of a judgment or settlement. Under this arrangement, your spinal cord injury lawyer, Alpharetta, GA receives a percentage of the final amount recovered –usually 40% for the cases resolved after an appeal, or one-third for the cases resolved before an appeal.

Your attorney should be willing to itemize all out-of-pocket expenses in your lawsuits (such as court filing fees, expert witness expenses, transcripts, and photocopying). It’s imperative to ask whether the lawyer will deduct these costs before or after a contingent percentage is applied.

The likely expert witnesses of your spinal cord injury may include a vocational rehabilitation consultant, physicians, an economist, a life care planner, and separate liability experts.

So, another crucial question to ask is who’ll be responsible for paying the litigation expenses if you lose your case. This question is imperative, especially in spinal cord injury litigation because expenses are usually high.

Spinal Cord Injury Lawyer