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Labor Code describes catastrophic injuries as serious injuries that leave people incapacitated for a protracted period and causes financial difficulties. Catastrophic accidents are actually common for employees in the transportation industry, construction industry, and manufacturing industries among many others that frequently deal with dangerous machinery (like construction accidents) and toxic chemicals. Public safety officers such as firefighters, police officers, and other workers also experience such injuries because of the nature of their work.

Catastrophic Accidents: Examples Of Injuries

• Blindness

• Amputations or lost limbs

• Crush injuries

• Paralysis

• Spinal injuries

• Severe burns

• Brain injuries

In case an individual has experienced a severe injury at the place of work from a particular incident or even through consistent trauma, it is always important to seek the services of an expert legal attorney. We are devoted to helping all injured workers and provide them with individualized legal services.

Compensation Benefits

Various compensation benefits are available to employees who have suffered from catastrophic accidents. For sure, catastrophic injuries might be complex since they affect a person in various ways, such as physically, emotionally, and financially. Therefore, it is crucial that an individual should receive proper care & treatment immediately.

Below are some compensation benefits for workers who are catastrophically injuries. The benefits include:

• Medical care & treatment

• Handicap accessible equipment & accommodations for his or her home

• Disability benefits

• Nursing care or home care

• And rehabilitation costs among many others

As our client, start by talking to our Bobe & Snell workers` compensation attorneys. Our lawyers are always ready to discus with our clients their situations & explain how they can help them move forward as far as filing of their claims is concerned.

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