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Car Accident Settlement Lawyer

Car Accident Settlement Lawyer: Realistic Expectations for Settlement Value

A car accident victim can realistically expect to collect the full amount of monetary damages if he or she has the legal right to recover those damages from a party responsible for the accident that led to his/her injuries. However, you will be in a better position to secure the maximum compensation possible if you have an experienced and reputable car accident settlement lawyer Atlanta by your side.

The following factors can determine whether you will obtain full settlement payment:
  • The number of parties responsible for your car accident injuries – There is only one party at fault in some car accidents. Others have multiple parties at fault for causing the crash because of their dangerous decisions and actions. Generally, the victim has a higher chance of recovering full damages if more parties are liable for his or her car accident injuries.
  • The available financial resources to pay the victim’s damages – The party or parties at fault for the accident typically use their liability insurance or set aside an amount out of their own pockets to pay damages to the victim(s).


The amount of compensation you will collect will depend on the amount of insurance of the liable party, and/or the number of assets that the party owns. Obviously, you are more likely to recover full damages from a corporate party with insurance coverage worth millions of dollars than from a single motorist carrying the bare minimum insurance coverage.

  • The number of victims who may be entitled to recover damages – Multiple victims can suffer injuries in a car accident, and all of them may seek damages from the party or parties legally liable for the accident.

If the at-fault party has limited financial resources, then it will be quite difficult for the car accident victims who sustained injuries to recover full damages.

  • The degree of dispute on damages and liability – You will have an easy time recovering the full value of your damages if the at-fault party or parties accept responsibility for the car crash and agree to pay a fair amount of money after negotiating with your Atlanta car accident settlement lawyer.

Victims may have to settle for less to resolve their claims when parties dispute the legal liability for the accident or the evidence gathered and submitted doesn’t prove them strongly enough.

  • The personal priorities of the victim – The victims who insist on settling claims to recover damages very quickly often tend to get less compensation than those who remain patient and let their lawyers navigate the legal process diligently to obtain a more favorable settlement.

Experienced car accident injury attorneys

Our experienced car accident injury attorneys will conduct a thorough investigation to identify each party that may be responsible for the crash. Victims who hire experienced and knowledgeable attorneys to represent them often discover (to their surprise) that they can file claims against more parties than they imagined.

You may be entitled to seek damages from not only the other motorist but also from corporations and government agencies that have larger insurance coverage.

Always consult your car accident settlement lawyer Atlanta about your priorities for settling your claim so that he or she can come up with a legal strategy that suits your goals and needs.

Go for A Top-Dollar Settlement and Hire A Lawyer to Give Yourself the Best Shot!

Car accident victims who want to recover the full value of their claims should consult an attorney to guide them on how to navigate the legal process and improve their chances of getting a fair and adequate settlement.

Of course, there’s no one-size-fits-all strategy for maximizing a settlement amount because every case is different. However, we are going to share some tips, which you should follow to increase your chances of getting a fair settlement and recovering full damages.

Seek medical care immediately, and follow your doctor’s instructions to the letter. 

We can’t emphasize this enough. You should take good care of yourself if you want to secure a top-dollar settlement amount. Ensure that you don’t leave the scene of the accident before an EMT checks you and writes a report.

If the EMT recommends that you take an ambulance ride to the hospital, then do so. If possible, always go for a full check-up at your primary care physician’s office or an emergency care center within 24 hours of your car crash. Follow your doctor’s instructions/advice to the letter.

Why Is It So Important to Seek Immediate Medical Care?

  • First, your top priority should always be to protect your health. Some injuries might develop into major health complications even though they may seem minor at first.
  • Second, when you visit a doctor immediately, it shows that you took your injuries seriously, did your best to get better, and most importantly, you create records to show the connection between your car crash and injuries.

Proper medical records will protect you against accusations that your refusal to seek immediate treatment worsened your injuries or someone disputing the seriousness of your injuries and therefore, these records will prove vital when seeking a fair and adequate settlement.

Be Wary of Insurance Company Tactics to Avoid Falling for Them

Remain vigilant knowing that the insurance company of the at-fault party may try to contact you any time after the accident. They may try to offer you quick payment for your injuries or get you to discuss the accident. That is a trap! Don’t take that bait!

An insurance company wants to minimize its financial exposure to your car crash and injuries and therefore, they will contact you and try to convince you to accept their first payment.

Insurance adjusters may approach you with hidden agenda and act friendly, but their goal is to trick you into accepting a settlement offer for far less money than you deserve or get you to say something that will give them a reason to deny your claim.

In almost all circumstances, avoid all interactions with the insurance company of the at-fault party. This is your best course of action if you don’t want to make mistakes that could jeopardize your claim.

Avoid talking with an insurance adjuster. Don’t – ever – accept any payment without consulting your car accident settlement lawyer Atlanta. Instead, let your attorney handle all interactions with the insurance company of the liable party to protect your rights and negotiate a level playing field.

Car Accident Settlement Lawyer

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Car Accident Settlement Lawyer

Car Accident Settlement Lawyer