Best Atlanta Workers Compensation Attorney

Best Atlanta Workers Compensation Attorney

Denied Claims – Best Atlanta Workers Compensation Attorney

Unless a simple mistake led to the denial of your claim and it was cleared up immediately, it would be prudent to consult the best Atlanta workers compensation attorney as soon as possible.

A lawyer can assist you to determine whether an appeal would be the best course of action for you. Georgia has short and strict timelines for worker’s compensation appeals. You do not want to lose your benefits just because you missed the deadline.

You should talk to the best Atlanta workers’ compensation attorney before you consider filing an appeal. The judge expects you to know the rules of evidence and civil procedure for filing appeals. However, don’t worry because your worker’s comp attorney, Atlanta can handle this complicated legal process.

Winning at the initial levels is a priority because you may not get a chance to present more evidence later in the process. You are likely to lose your appeal if you don’t hire the best Atlanta workers’compensation attorney to help you build a strong case.

At Bobe & Snell Law Office LLC, we charge a contingency fee: a percentage of the benefits you get. Therefore, we will not charge you unless you win.

Appealing a Workers’ Comp Claim Denial

You may find the information on how to appeal the denial of your claim included in the letter you received. If so, read it carefully. The appeals process varies in every state. A hearing before an administrative judge often sets the first level of appeal. At this stage, you will have to present medical records and other evidence to support your claim.

The hearing can be through a state board of workers’ compensation or a state labor department. Beyond the initial administrative levels, there are additional levels of appeal that vary from one state to another.

Reasons for Denial of Workers’ Comp Claims

Sometimes, employers or their insurance companies try to find any possible reason to deny worker’s compensation claims. Of course, the reason must be a valid one under the law. The following are FOUR common reasons for claim denials:

  1. Missed deadlines – You should report your illness or injury to your employer right away to receive workers’ comp benefits.
  2. Disputes about whether the injury is work-related – Your employer may allege that you were not working when you were injured. The employer will claim that you were involved in some misconduct at the time, or your current medical condition is not a result of a workplace exposure or accident
  3. Your condition does not meet state guidelines – The law(s) in your state may have special restrictions on worker’s compensation claims for cumulative psychological conditions or trauma.
  4. You filed the claim after you left your job – Insurance companies usually deny claims that an employee filed after he or she was laid off, fired, or quit. However, you may have a good reason for the delay.

If your worker’s compensation claim was denied, call Bobe & Snell Law Office LLC at 470-268-5802 to discuss your next course of action.

best Atlanta workers compensation attorney

Best Atlanta Workers Compensation Attorney