Back Injuries Atlanta GA

Back Injuries

Back Injuries

The back is one of the most crucial parts of our body. It helps to support our stature and maintain movement. Though, there is always a constant potential for an injury that could hurt and impair your back. These hazards are everywhere including work; as our jobs are not safe havens that project immunity from back injuries. Yet, it is important to know that back injuries received at work in comparison to your home or even a store store, can be compensated for by your job through a worker’s compensation lawyer.

Back Injuries & Worker’s Compensation

Worker’s compensation is a form of insurance that one pays into that provides coverage for work related activities. Worker’s compensation is very broad and is set up to provide for a number of different injuries or circumstances done to one in the workplace.

Employees that are injured, in most cases receive their compensation, and yet some are rejected. A number of claims for worker’s compensation are rejected because the legal processes and paperwork  are very confusing to the uninitiated. This makes it all the more important to reach out to a worker’s compensation lawyer if one possess a work place related back injury.

Back Injuries in the Workplace

According to Business and Legal Resources website, back injuries account for over 20 percent of workplace injuries. This shows that back injuries occur at a very high frequency, and produces the second highest amount of lost work days after the common cold. Common back injuries include a fractured vertebrate, pinched nerves, a damaged spinal cord, slipped discs, and a hernia.  Back injuries also tend to be very agonizing and painful. Because of this, it goes without saying, that those with back injuries spend a significant more time receiving medical treatment. The more medical treatment that received in turn increases the amount of time that one has to stay home and go through rehabilitation.   If one receives a back injury as a result of work it is imperative they reach out to a worker’s compensation lawyer to be fairly compensated for what they have gone through.

What to Look for in a Worker’s Compensation Lawyer

 As aforementioned, the steps needed to receive worker’s compensation are long and very confusing. Most people and a number of lawyers don’t possess the know how needed to get a claim for worker’s compensation. This is why it is important to specifically find a worker’s compensation lawyer that is knowledgeable and has been in involved in a number of claims for those with back injuries.  One should thoroughly research the lawyer  and find out how many back injury claims they’ve won and lost, as you want to ensure you have a good chance at receiving your claim.

Back InjuriesThe Importance of a Worker’s Compensation Lawyer