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Auto Accident Compensation

After being involved in a car accident, it won’t be easy to get back to normal life, especially if you sustained severe injuries and must bear a significant financial burden due to high medical costs for your recovery. Sometimes, the insurance may not cover all expenses related to your car crash and subsequent injuries, including the lost wages while you take time off work to recover. You may end up with stacks of medical bills and other invoices that may drain your resources until you can’t afford them. For that reason, the law in Georgia allows car accident victims to bring a claim/lawsuit against the party responsible for causing the accident. They may be entitled to seek auto accident compensation Alpharetta, GA for the damage, injuries, and other related damages due to the car crash.

However, car accident claims can be complex, and therefore, you need an experienced and reputable attorney by your side to guide and help you navigate the entire process. You will increase your chances of filing a successful claim and securing maximum compensation if you work with a lawyer when seeking compensation.

Legal Action

You should take legal action against the party at fault for the crash to hold him or her responsible for their actions. Recovering monetary compensation following a car accident is not an easy task.

Our experienced car accident attorneys at Bobe & Snell Law Office LLC understand that you have endured pain, suffering, and difficulty as well as the expenses to pay for, including medical bills. You can count on us to fight aggressively and tirelessly to ensure you get the compensation and justice that you deserve.

Perhaps, you want to know how much money you can expect once you’re entitled to receive compensation. We want to explore that question below and try to break down the more complicated-than-you-might-expect answer.

Car Accident Settlements Explained

After a car accident, you may hear the word settlement as you pursue compensation for your injuries and wonder what it means. Let’s take a closer look to understand what exactly it means.

A settlement is an agreement between two parties to resolve a compensation claim for the recovery of damages. Most car accident injury claims don’t go to trial since they are resolved earlier through settlements.

Once the parties reach a settlement for a car accident claim, the injured victim agrees not to file a lawsuit in court to seek damages, or end any case he or she may have already filed, while the party responsible for causing the accident pays monetary compensation for the damages incurred.

An attorney representing an injured victim and the at-fault party or his/her attorney can agree to negotiate a settlement. Typically, the attorneys representing both parties propose their respective amounts for auto accident compensation Alpharetta, GA, and they go back and forth trying to convince each other until they mutually agree on one settlement value.


The negotiation can take place in person or through phone, letters, email, or text. The parties, through their attorneys, can negotiate and reach a settlement in just a few hours during their first meeting, or it may take a series of stop-and-start conversations, lasting days or even weeks to agree on a settlement. Sometimes, parties may choose to involve a trained mediator in their negotiations.

In most car accident claims, the insurance company of the liable party makes the settlement payment. When negotiating settlements for those claims, a representative of an insurance company may participate in or lead negotiations.

During negotiation, the lawyers for both sides will keep updating their clients on the progress and proposed settlements and ask if they will accept them.


After the negotiation is finalized and a settlement is reached, both lawyers will draft a written settlement agreement for the injured victim and the liable party to sign. This agreement spells out the following details (among others):

  • The settlement amount and the timeline of the payment
  • The legal rights which the victim agrees to give up after accepting the settlement
  • Any other actions meant to resolve the claim that the parties agree to take.

There is usually no turning back once an agreement has been reached, signed, and the parties have fulfilled its requirements. The case is over! Settlements are almost always final as they terminate all the victim’s rights to seek additional auto accident compensation Alpharetta, GA.

For that reason, car accident victims should ensure that a settlement pays them fair and reasonable compensation before accepting it. Remember that you cannot get a do-over once you agree to a settlement even if you only discover later that it was too little to cover your damages and expenses.

You won’t change what you agreed to and therefore, you are stuck with it. That is why you should ensure that you get a fair, reasonable, and adequate settlement amount. Having an experienced and reputable car accident attorney GA to evaluate your case/claim and negotiate on your behalf significantly increases your chances of getting a fair settlement.

Car Accident Settlement Value

So, how much is my car accident settlement worth? That question has no single answer. Various unique facts and circumstances of every car accident claim/case determine the amount of money you may be entitled to receive, and the damages you can realistically expect to recover in a settlement.

Rights to Damages

Generally, someone who causes a car accident due to his or her unreasonably dangerous decisions or actions, and someone else is injured in the crash will be legally responsible for the victim’s injuries and therefore, should pay for the damages caused.

One or more individuals, government entities, or companies can be held responsible for the car accident, injuries sustained, and other related damages.

The Georgia law broadly gives car accident victims the right to seek compensation for their injuries and monetary and non-monetary losses and can file a claim against the liable party to demand payment.

Some of the categories of damages include:

  • Medical expenses for the treatment of the injury.
  • Non-medical expenses related to the accident or injury that the victim incurs.
  • Lost income (both past and future) for a victim who sustained severe injuries and missed or cannot return to work.
  • Pain, suffering, and reduced quality of life due to the victim’s injuries.
  • Punitive damages to punish and deter the at-fault party who caused the car accident due to his or her reckless or outrageous behavior.

The severity of your injuries and your prospects for making a full recovery will determine the auto accident compensation GA that you will get from any of these categories. Generally, the more severe the injury, the higher the amount you can claim in damages since the injury will have more far-reaching impacts on your life.

Auto Accident Compensation

At Bobe & Snell Law Office LLC, we will do our very best to properly evaluate the harm that your car crash injuries will cause you in different ways and work tirelessly to translate it into a dollar amount that the law allows you to demand as compensation.

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Auto Accident Compensation

Auto Accident Compensation