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Report Injuries as Soon as Possible

Your employer has a responsibility to file a workers’ comp claim with their insurance company on your behalf. But they will not do it until you let them know you’re injured. Contact Bobe & Snell Law Office LLC today at 470.268.5802. If you or a loved one is injured at a workplace.

Case Assessment

Even if an initial consultation has taken place over the phone or online, the attorney won’t have a full picture of the facts and circumstances surrounding your car accident case until the two of you can sit down and talk. Call us at (470) 268-5802 if you are looking for an experienced, reputable, and trustworthy Atlanta […]

What Happens After Filing a Construction Injury Claim

Once you have received treatment, you should report the injury to your employer in writing and keep a copy for your records. At this point, you may want to contact an experienced and reputable construction injury claims attorney Atlanta. Call us today at (470) 268-5802 to schedule a FREE, NO-OBLIGATION consultation.

Meeting With a Car Accident Lawyer

First, this is a chance for the lawyer to assess your case. The second is for you to ensure you are comfortable having him/her represent you. Contact Bobe & Snell Law Office LLC today. Call us at (470) 268-5802 and make the most out of your first meeting with an Atlanta car accident lawyer, and ensure he/she is the […]

Atlanta Car Accident Lawyer

Atlanta Car Accident Lawyer Atlanta Car Accident Lawyer: What to Expect When Meeting with a Car Accident Lawyer. After a car accident, once you have decided to hire an experienced and reputable attorney, you are probably wondering what the first meeting will entail. There are two key reasons for scheduling this meeting. First, this is […]

Benefits Of Potential Workers’ Comp

Temporary disability benefits – paid while you’re off work and recovering from your injury. Permanent disability benefits – compensation for permanent physical impairments due to the injury. Call us now at (470) 268-5802 we can properly value your claim, negotiate with the insurance company, and if necessary, represent you in an appeal.

Factors To Be Considered In Could Be At Fault For Your Injuries

Some of those factors include; Whether there were any OSHA violations, whether there were any violations of safety precautions, whether you’re an employee or a subcontractor. Call us today at (470) 268-5802 Our experienced construction accident claim Atlanta attorney at Bobe & Snell Law Office LLC will explain how workers’ compensation and personal injury claims intersect.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Due To Typing

Your injuries are work-related if you develop carpal tunnel syndrome due to typing on the job, become ill due to exposure to hazardous chemicals at the site, or injured your back while loading the boxes as part of your warehouse job. Call us today at 470.268.5802 we have vast experience handling workers comp claims GA.

Sick Days In Lost Income Claims

If you had to use sick days while recovering from your injuries, you have the right to be reimbursed for the value of those days. Call Bobe & Snell Law Office LLC today at (470) 268-5802  can help you seek and recover compensation for your Atlanta lost income benefits.