Atlanta Workers Compensation Attorney

Different states have different laws regarding worker’s compensation rights. There may be some similarities in the laws of each state, it is still best to consult laws from an attorney who specialize in the state. An employee who has recently been injured or having problems with worker’s compensation claim would need compensation attorney to represent and interpret employee’s compensation laws.

When injured at work, employees can file work injury claims from their employers and insurance carriers. Some employers are quick to take action when employees need their assistance when injured at work. However, we cannot deny the fact that some employers and insurance companies tend to be hesitant in paying. Companies have become cautious of fraudulent claims from employees. Others simply deny employee rights because they do not want to pay injured employees and conceal the incident.

Our Atlanta workers compensation attorney can assist employees in having a bigger chance to win over employee’s claims. Our Atlanta workers compensation attorney gathers information and significant proof to help employees in their claims. The type of proof can vary from medical to safety reports. And that, if by chance the case is denied, Atlanta attorney can file appeals to pursue the claims filed.

The first step for injured employee is file “notice of injury” which can only last within 30 days from the day the employee is injured. The attorney will then help the employee with the rest of hearing and filing. The attorney will also clear the situation and information will be gathered to make the case resilient. The information needed are:

  • Determining the exact place where the injury is sustained
  • Proving that the injury was because of the work done
  • Retrieving records of the employee’s wage history
  • Confirming employment of victim with the employer
  • Making it certain that the claim is still within jurisdiction in the State Board of Workers’ Compensation

Independent contractors also have their own rights regarding working compensation. There are also a few requirements regarding claims for independent contractors.

  • Third party has given structured work schedule to the employee
  • Working conditions of the victim are not physically controlled
  • Victim completes his job as needed by the employer

Atlanta Workers Compensation Attorney

It is best to consult Bobe & Snell Atlanta workers’ compensation attorney as soon as the need arise. Knowing your rights is very empowering. If an employee works hard for the good of the company, it is natural for employees to claim from the employers what is due when the need occurs.