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Atlanta Workers’ Comp Benefits Explained

If you are injured on the job in Atlanta, you might be entitled to certain benefits under the Atlanta Workers’ Comp law. Having a work injury can be devastating, and you want to make sure that you are financially and medically sound as much as possible until you can return to work. Under the Atlanta Workers’ Comp law, the employer’s insurance company provides medical, income and possibly rehabilitation benefits. At Bobe & Snell, our Atlanta Workers’ Comp attorneys will ensure that you and your loved ones are protected.

After the injured worker files a claims, the insurance company will determine if the claim is accepted or denied. If denied, the injured worker typically retains an attorney to contest the denial. If the claim is accepted, benefits are paid.

Atlanta Workers’ Comp Benefits Explained

The three types of benefits in Atlanta Workers’ Comp are:

1) Income benefits – If the injured employee is out for more than a seven-day waiting period, they can claim income benefits called Temporary Total Disability. If the employee is out more than 21 days, they will be compensated for these seven days. Weekly income benefits are paid at two-thirds of the average weekly wage, not to exceed $500 a week. The employee is also entitled to compensation if they are still working but have suffered a wage loss.  This is called Temporary Partial Disability.

2) Medical Benefits – In Atlanta Workers’ Comp, the insurance company is held responsible to pay all medical bills related to the work injury. Treatment may include surgery, doctor’s visit, prescriptions, transportation, physical therapy or many other little medical necessities required by a doctor. Sometimes the insurance company will conduct an IME, or Independent Medical Examination, to obtain an objective opinion on medical status and ability to return to work, as well as rule on any permanent disability. Many claim settlement in Atlanta Workers’ Comp involves compensation for future medical care.

3) Rehabilitation Benefits – Some benefits may include rehabilitation services, such a vocational rehabilitation. Under Atlanta Workers’ Comp law, the injured worker will receive vocational counseling and rehabilitation from a licensed professional. This is done when the employee is not permanently and totally disabled, but cannot return to his or her pre-injury employment. Part of rehabilitation benefits is permanent partial or permanent total disability. These are provided when there is a loss of body function because of the work injury. Permanent partial disability pays off a percentage loss of function, while permanent total disability implies an inability to return to work. In the case of death, arrangement are made to provide benefits to the loved ones of the fatally injured worker.

In Atlanta Workers’ Comp, the rights of the injured worker are protected through income, medical and rehabilitation benefits. Often these benefits are denied in error, so that is when an attorney can step in and fight for your rights. Contact Bobe & Snell today for a consultation – how can we help you?

Atlanta Workers' Comp

Atlanta Workers’ Comp Benefits Explained