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Atlanta Vehicle Accident Lawyers

The last thing you want is to sustain an injury after being involved in a motor vehicle accident due to someone else’s negligence. You will likely file a claim against the at-fault party for compensation. It will be in your best interests to consult a team of Atlanta vehicle accident lawyers at Bobe & Snell Law Office LLC to help you seek the compensation that you deserve.

With the help of an experienced personal injury attorney, you can recover damages resulting from a motor vehicle accident, and/or you will not have to worry about jeopardizing your car accident compensation claim due to the hefty amount of paperwork, “red tape,” and hassle often involved.

The sooner you seek professional legal assistance, the higher your chances of recovering damages following a justly resolved case. Otherwise, you may find yourself losing or owing large monetary damages due to your injuries and vehicle damage.

We would like to share important information with you so that you can make an informed decision when hiring an Atlanta vehicle accident lawyer.

Should I Hire A Lawyer After A Car Accident?

Unfortunately, car accidents happen every day, and you never know when you might get involved in an accident. The victims of motor vehicle accidents involving cars, trucks, or other motor vehicles file the most personal injury claims in the US.

The claims resulting from most of these accidents can generally be handled by directly contacting an insurance company because they involve minor vehicle damage in form of a “fender bender.”

However, claims for car accidents that caused physical injury, fatality, or other significant damage can be complex, and therefore, victims should seek legal representation from an experienced attorney.

You deserve compensation for the damages incurred due to the car accident, including medical expenses, vehicle repairs, and lost wages, and an experienced attorney can help you get it. In some states, you can hire a lawyer to help you seek compensation if your loved one was killed due to another driver’s negligent behavior, such as drunk driving, speeding, or reckless driving.

Choosing The Right Vehicle Accident Attorney? What Should I Look For?

Atlanta vehicle accident lawyers can offer legal representation on a range of issues, including personal injury, property destruction, liability determinations, and wrongful death. You are likely to find a good lawyer if you consider the following things to make an informed decision: their experience, skill level, location, commitment, and fees.

For example, you should look for an attorney who is well versed in state and national transportation laws, can deal with insurance and healthcare companies, and knows how to prepare and settle a claim or case effectively. Moreover, ensure you check the attorney’s background, track record, and references to determine if he or she is the right choice for your case.

Lastly, we would advise you to choose a lawyer who will work on a contingency or “no win-no fee” basis and one who considers the merit of your case before accepting it. Your lawyer should be ready to devote time, energy, and resources to your case. Therefore, ensure to ask about the lawyer’s standard fee structure.

Hire A Vehicle Accident Lawyer At The Right Time

Don’t wait until it is too late to hire an attorney as you can make costly mistakes while pursuing costly mistakes alone. These mistakes could ruin your motor vehicle compensation claim.

Also, remember that you must meet the deadline for filing personal injury and insurance claims in order to receive the compensation that you deserve. The deadline usually varies from one state to another.

After the accident, you should contact an attorney as soon as possible so that you can pursue compensation and recover damages in the shortest time possible to avoid shouldering the heavy financial burden due to medical bills and/or lost wages.

In general, ensure you contact an attorney soonest after the accident – may be within a week or two – but before you accept any settlement offer from the insurance company.

Questions to Ask Your Attorney

You should do your research about the lawyer you want to work with and ensure you gather as much detailed information and facts as possible about the motor vehicle accident, injuries sustained, and other damages incurred.

Once you choose your preferred attorney, you might want to show him/her the relevant documents related to the motor vehicle accident, including information exchanged at the accident scene, your insurance policy, medical records, and any other important details. Ask your potential Atlanta vehicle accident lawyers the following questions before hiring one to represent you:

  • How many vehicle accident cases do you handle in your legal practice?
  • How much experience do you have handling claims/lawsuits arising from motor vehicle accidents?
  • What settlement or compensation for damages should I typically expect for my case/claim?
  • Are you going to handle my entire case alone or you will leave some portion to other attorneys?
  • How do you structure your fees for legal representation?
  • Who will cater for out-of-pocket expenses?

An Attorney May Advise You Against Settling Too Early

Don’t rush to settle your claim too early without consulting a lawyer. First, you should know the full extent of your injuries and other damages, and how they’ll affect your life and job in the future.

You don’t want to miss out on the financial compensation that you might need to cover future costs related to your injuries. Watch out for insurance adjusters who will often approach you to try to convince you to settle quickly before you seek legal advice.

Remember, you may develop new complications after accepting an early settlement and signing release forms. Therefore, you will not get any additional money from the at-fault party to cover medical costs as you had waived all rights to seek more compensation.

Standing Up Against Strong-Arm or Scare Tactics Isn’t Easy!

Insurance adjusters work hard to settle claims for as little amount as possible. Their supervisors put a lot of pressure on them to reach a settlement as soon as possible.

You are vulnerable when you are injured in a car accident. The pain and extent of your injuries can cause worry and anxiety about your future. You may not be able to think clearly due to the medication you’re taking. You need to hire a lawyer to protect your best interests so that you can focus on your recovery.

Atlanta Vehicle Accident Lawyers

If you were involved in a motor vehicle accident that caused your injuries and damage to your car, you need to contact our attorneys immediately. You can trust Atlanta vehicle accident lawyers at Bobe & Snell Law Office LLC to stand between you and the insurance company, and protect you from their strong-arm or scare tactics.

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Atlanta Vehicle Accident Lawyers

Atlanta Vehicle Accident Lawyers