Atlanta lost income benefits

Atlanta Lost Income Benefits

After you have sustained injuries in an accident, it is unlikely you’ll be able to return to work immediately, especially if your injuries are severe. It is common for many victims to miss some work and incur Atlanta lost income benefits because they’re unable to perform the duties of their job while they’re recovering. For victims, this time out of work can be detrimental to their future and everyday life.

The financial toll of lost income after a work-related injury can be devastating. Even while laid up from an injury, you still need to pay for housing, food, and other monthly expenses. Then now you have to pay for your medical bills as well. How will you pay for it all?

Income benefit Reimbursement

Fortunately, when you have been injured due to the negligence of another person or a company, you have a right to be reimbursed for the Atlanta lost income benefits while you recover. and therefore, you can count on our workers’ comp attorneys at Bobe & Snell Law Office LLC to help you recover your lost income due to your work-related injury.

You can include your lost wages in a claim against the at-fault party, the at-fault party’s insurance company, or your own insurance company if you are involved in an accident in a no-fault state.

However, there is more to your total income than just an hourly wage.

What Counts as Lost Income Benefits?

When it comes to workers’ comp injury claims/lawsuits, many states have laws that entitle reimbursement to the injured workers for the income they lose while recovering from their injuries.

If you are out of work due to injury, you will need a “work slip” or other written proof from your doctor showing the dates you are unable to work.

Lost income includes all wages, benefits, and perks that are included in a workers’ “full compensation package.” You have a right to demand compensation for lost income from your base pay, and the financial value of other benefits you depend on from your employer.

Lost income claims may include:

  • Base Pay – Your regular salary or hourly wage that would have been paid while you are unable to work.
  • Overtime – Hourly workers who usually work overtime every week or during busy seasons can recover their lost overtime pay.
  • Sick Days – If you had to use sick days while recovering from your injuries, you have the right to be reimbursed for the value of those days. Many states consider it an unfair burden to make someone lose sick days they’ll no longer have for future use.
  • Vacation Days – Just as with sick days, you should be compensated for vacation days lost while recovering from your injuries.
  • Bonuses and Commissions – Employers often pay bonuses based on the performance of an employee. You might earn some bonus because you had the highest sales for the month, or hit some other benchmark or target. If you were in line for a bonus, and your injuries prevented you from getting it, you can demand reimbursement for those amounts.
  • Bonus Days – Bonus days are any other days off from work you had to use or failed to earn while recovering. Bonus days include national holidays, birthdays, comp days, and “personal” days.
  • Pay Raises – You may have been up for a scheduled salary increase, including the costs of living (COLA) or a merit raise that you missed due to your injury.
  • Perks – Most employees depend on fringe benefits from their employer, including profit-sharing plans, the value of health and life insurance, stock or stock options, and gasoline or other transportation allowances.
  • Retirement Fund Contributions – While out recovering from your injuries, you may have missed making your contributions to pension funds, 401(k), and similar retirement plans, missed your employer’s match to your retirement funds, and missed payroll contributions to Social Security as well.

Atlanta Lost Income Benefits

As you consider claiming your Atlanta lost income benefits, think about any other types of benefits you receive from the employer that you lost since you were out of work due to an injury. The at-fault party, or their insurance company, should compensate you for your lost income benefits.

At Bobe & Snell Law Office LLC, our highly qualified, experienced, and reputable workers’ comp attorneys can help you seek and recover compensation for your Atlanta lost income benefits.

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Atlanta lost income benefits

Atlanta lost income benefits

Atlanta Lost Income Benefits