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Atlanta Licensed Mediator

Mediation is a settlement procedure in which a trained and licensed impartial third person(s) bring the parties together to discuss their disputes and helps them in negotiating and reaching a voluntary settlement of the dispute. The input or assistance of a third-party Atlanta licensed mediator is vital in dispute resolutions.

It may a scheduled settlement conference or an informal meeting among the parties. Mediation can be used to settle a potential dispute that may be filed in court or a dispute pending in court. Unless governed by a contract clause or stature, parties’ attendance at the mediation conference is voluntary.

Cases suitable for mediation are disputes in workers’ compensation, employment, commercial transactions, divorce, domestic relations, personal injury, labor or community relations, construction, or any other matters that don’t involve evidentiary or procedural issues.  

Qualities of A licensed Mediator

An Atlanta licensed mediator is a person with the following qualities: patience, common sense, and persistence. He or she has an arsenal of powers of effective listening, articulation and restatement, negotiation techniques, and human dynamic skills.

A mediator is just a facilitator, and his or her role doesn’t include rendering a resolution to the dispute/conflict. The mediator has no such power. The mediator moves through the negotiation process to allow parties to fashion the voluntary, concrete solution(s) to their disputes. While a licensed mediator is an attorney in many jurisdictions, he or she can’t provide legal advice while serving as a mediator.

However, the subject area expertise of the mediator may be beneficial to the parties in circumstances where the parties are open to neutral case evaluation or in wording and framing the mediated agreement.

Benefits Of The Mediation Process

Due to various reasons, a party to a dispute might choose mediation over traditional litigation or other forms of alternative dispute resolution. Some of the reasons include participation in the resolution of the dispute, private sessions, confidentiality, affordability, timely resolution, and in most cases, preservation of the interrelationship between parties.

Considering the time and money needed for the litigation of a dispute, it is clear that the cost of mediation is less than the cost of litigation. Generally, the hourly rate for a mediator is lower than the lawyer’s hourly rate. Mediation can often take place within weeks of a court order to mediate or parties’ decision to mediate. 

Mediators provide their services on regular weekdays, evenings, or weekends. Spectators aren’t allowed during mediation, and the Atlanta licensed mediator cannot repeat or report whatever is said in the mediation. The Settlement Agreement is the only record of the proceedings. The parties sign the Agreement to Mediate before the conference, and it will often serve as a reminder of the confidentiality of the session and that the licensed mediator Atlanta isn’t participating as a voluntary witness in a trial of the matter.

User-Friendly Resolutions

An attractive component of mediation lies in its ability to provide a chance to fashion user-friendly resolutions to a dispute. The primary goal of mediation is to empower the parties to find workable terms to achieve a “win-win” solution that will solve their problem. This often allows the parties to continue their employment, business, or personal relationship, or promotes healing where one party feels tremendously aggrieved. In most cases, the parties will focus on strengthening their working relationship to achieve greater workplace efficiency.

Atlanta Licensed Mediator

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Atlanta Licensed Mediator
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Atlanta Licensed Mediator