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Georgia Catastrophic Accidents Lawyer

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Georgia Catastrophic Accidents Lawyer

How Workers Compensation Attorneys Help With Catastrophic Accidents

Any worker can sustain serious injuries in the course of his work duties. This is especially true for those who work with heavy machinery and equipment. Even apparently safe work places can at times result in accidents that lead to dangerous or fatal injuries.

Such injuries are usually duly compensated by your employer’s insurer. However, this may not necessarily be the case. This is especially when the insurer is facing high costs of medical expenses, rehabilitation, loss of earnings, or permanent disability claims. These cases tend to be complex, necessitating the services of a worker’s injury lawyer. Here is how workers compensation attorney’s help with catastrophic accidents at the work place. Work with an experienced  Georgia catastrophic accidents lawyer.

Contributory negligence

The safety of workers is by law a duty of the employer. Any injury, disability, or death, should therefore be compensated by the employer’s insurer. However, there are instances where the worker may face a much lower compensation award. This is if the court finds the worker to have contributed to the injury through certain negligent actions.

For example, failure to seek medical attention in time may have aggravated his injuries after the accident. The insurer will vigorously oppose higher compensation due to this. You will require an Alpharetta catastrophic accidents lawyer to defend your rights, and ensure you receive fair compensation. Trying to handle such complicated litigation on your own is definitely a bad choice.

Filings and documentation

If an accident at work leads to severe injuries, a lot of documentation will be required. The success of your compensation claim will depend on numerous doctors’ reports, prescriptions, lab tests, and even eye witness accounts. The insurer will obtain expert testimony from medical experts to try and invalidate your claim.

This will place your case in jeopardy, if you do not have a competent lawyer to defend you. Furthermore, your injuries will make it impossible to trace every report or communication with the counter-party. A lawyer will handle letters, depositions, legal submissions, and negotiations, on your behalf. This is the best way to ensure a smooth recovery, and just compensation.

Call us to be your Georgia catastrophic accidents lawyer.

Aside from handling negotiations and litigation, our Alpharetta catastrophic accident lawyer can assist in many other ways. For example, a serious accident may leave you in a bad medical condition. Your family will have to handle the compensation claim on their own. They may not be knowledgeable on these matters, or may even be minors. Lawyers will protect their interests throughout the compensation process.

Finally, lawyers are very experienced with compensation claims. They understand the law, insurance practices, and tactics. That is how workers compensation attorneys help with catastrophic accidents in the best possible way.

Georgia Construction Accidents Lawyer

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Georgia Catastrophic Accidents Lawyer

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